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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Forgotten Mother

When female Bible heroes are rattled off the usual names flying off the tongue include Mary, Esther, Naomi, Ruth, Deborah and Rahab. One conspicuous person missing would be the mother of Moses. Her brief mention in the Bible comes in the second chapter of Exodus.

Moses was born about the time Pharaoh commanded all newborn Hebrew males to be tossed into the Nile River. He didn't have swimming lessons in mind. Drowning yes. When Moses was born his Mom hid him for three months then placed him among the reeds on the bank of the Nile, in a tar and pitch-covered papyrus basket. Moses was ostensibly abandoned at this point. The options to a loving couple at the time were that grim. As the narrative goes, he's found by Pharaoh's daughter and eventually nursed by his own mother thanks to his sister Miriam's intervention. While nursing him I suspect Moses' mother had no real expectation of keeping her son but devoted herself to the task anyways just to keep him alive. Any reunion in the future would remain a hope to which she could cling.

There's not a record of such a reunion. We've not been made privy to the relationship Moses' mother had with God. What we do know is Moses' mother sacrificed for her son with little hope of raising him, and ample expectation that her sacrifice would greatly benefit the family of her most prominent adversary.

It's almost Christmas when much attention is devoted to the trials and tribulations of Mary, mother of Jesus. The season will come and go and no one will talk about the woman whose name history has forgotten--Moses' mom. Mary rightfully deserves attention during the advent season. But if Moses was a type of Christ, certainly Moses' mom isn't too dissimilar from a reminder of Mary.

The love of mothers usually runs deep. Moses' mother and Mary remind us of that.

(Exodus 6:2 mentions Jochebed as being the one who bore Moses. Time constraints however suggests that they were likely generations removed from one another).

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dan Fogelberg

I saw singer/songwriter/guitarist/piantist Dan Fogelberg in concert twice--once as an acoustic solo act and the other time with a full band. When? Probably in the late 70s or early 80s. In this recent video clip--Leader of the Band--Dan's voice is clearly not what it used to be. One particular event I vividly recall from seeing his concert was the flashlight-toting roadie ushering a cigarette-smoking Dan onto stage. As Dan reached the top stair step I could see him flick the cigarette to the ground and snuff it out with his shoe. I was taken back how someone so vocally gifted could inhale cigarette smoke, especially when making significant bling off his voice. Addictions are wicked slave masters. Addictions don't generally respond to man's wisdom. I can imagine a doc telling me to stop drinking espresso if I ever was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus. Ouch. That may require chains and shackles. This clip from Leader of the Band testifies to Dan's voice undergoing a premature undoing. The cigarettes certainly played a big role.

Having said that, the emotion in this song is rich and manifold. One can't help to wonder if when Dan sung this song, written for his father, if he wasn't also thinking of himself a lot too. It was written when he was "young" but now being sung when he too has "leader of the band" status (i.e. borderline twilight years) Whereas Dan was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004 ( Dan Fogelberg's web site), and no longer under the influence of that indestructible spirit that afflicts many young people, he is certainly more keen to his own mortality now. He claims his touring and recording days are over. It's his audience's loss too.

Thanksgiving Observation

Thanksgiving came and went and from my travels I can say I didn't hear nary a word about any pilgrim or Squanto this season. Not that our culture gives them much pub lately anyway. It was interesting though to see how entrenched secularism is in the Great American Empire. Back in the 60s and 70s a lot of attention was paid to Bradford, Brewster, Miles, Squant, et.al.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


After perusing the free cyber encyclopedia Wikipedia for a while it struck me as decent. What's particulary novel is that anyone can edit it at any time. No qualifications necessary. It takes all of two minutes to sign-up. Don't like the fact William Lloyd Garrison's page omitted his quote about Lincoln--"had not a drop of anti-slavery blood in his veins"--add it! I did. Any no one has deleted it for nearly a month now. That doesn't mean it will be there tomorrow. Wikipedia is mostly self-policing. Sure, it gets vandalized but the wiki-lurkers fix things rather quickly. Abusers can be put in the penalty box by the wiki-masters if they become recalcitrant, repeat offenders. There are policies established for butting heads to work things out (e.g. creationists v. evolutionists)

One can imagine how much money the feds would have spent had they signed into law legislation mandating a free, Wikipedia-like encyclopedia for the American people. One can imagine how much more slanted the information would be to boot. Wikipedia does request everyone maintain a "neutral view" when posting or editing, but neutrality exists of course only in the minds of the blinded-by-bias crowd. We deal with that. That's life.

If you have a particular interest start posting away. Once a self-appointed kingpin counters your opinion take him to task on the "discussion" page. If you're indeed corrected you'll be all the better for it. Forget what you've posted? Go to your "my contributions" page. All of your contributions are recorded there. Homeschoolers could really get smarter if they cruised Wikipedia.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Taming the Groping Riders

The city council of Goiania, capital of the central state of Goias (Sao Paulo, Brazil) unanimously approved a bill to provide all-female buses during the morning and evening hours of rush hour. Why? Too many complaints of uninvited groping and fondling by male riders. Constant and numerous complaints from female riders over the years led to this decision.

Sao Paulo, Brazil has a very weak Christian presence. "Feminists" incensed with Christianity fail to see the long-term consequences of the fanatical propagation of their own false doctrine--the increased vulonerability of women to acts they prefer not to endure. In Sao Paulo there doesn't seem to be a problem with males suffering physical abuse at the hands of aggressive females. The problem is unidirectional against women.

Whenever mankind casts off the mercy, grace and law revealed in the Bible it's the women who become more vunerable to abuse. Attempts at fixing problems apart from appealing to Scripture results in further destined-to-fail, expensive band-aids such as all female buses. It may have short-term success but ultimately will serve to empower the state and subject women to greater like-problems down the road.

Note too that convictions for groping doesn't seem to be in play here, and that no one is clamoring for men to "violate" their conscience and address their immoral behavior. When God is ruled irrelevant mankind gravitates to animal-like behaviors.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I was Born This Way

Homosexuals often declare they were born that way and opt not to inquire into the lives of the many that rethought and changed their opinion about the lifestyle's legitimacy. Of interest is the comparison with many people (everyone, I would suggest) born with a proclivity for theft, apart from any personal conviction as to theft possibly being illegitimate behavior. Ultimately most people are taught theft is wrong and the "whatever makes you happy" argument is set aside as an excuse or defense, while sanctions are threatened by the anti-theft party in the event the thief doesn't mend his or her ways. This usually plays out in the family situation when the thief is about a year old.

Per today's situational ethics thieves are expected to resist their immoral tendency to steal, even by homosexuals, while homosexuals are not expected to rethink what should be a suitable object of their sexual attraction. How incongruent! Ironically, a lot of homosexuals are also adherents to postmodern thought and therefore can't prove or justify their reasoning for their hypocritical stand. Fortunately for them, they're not sure if life and choice matters and thereby escape any compulsion to arrive at the truth of the matter. This would explain why you don't find a homosexual who seems to be content. Contentment and homosexuality are incompatible.

If life is believed to be devoid of truth and moral distinctions than love and peace can only be artificial and not worthy of either embracing or rejecting. Chaos, loneliness and restlessness are inevitable.

Sudden Instant Theory Syndrome

Sudden Instant Theory Syndrome--SITS--is a malady that afflicts the research conclusions of many health-related entities--aspartame, sucralose, soy, chronic Lyme's Disease, SIDS, childhood vaccines are "safe," etc. Of late it appears the cause of SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-- has likely been discovered--see article here. A very small study apparently revealed brain stem abnormalities in a high percentage of SIDS victims.

Prevent SIDS is a blog that I stumbled upon yesterday that echoes much of what I believe--enough agreement wherein I've linked it here. Dr. Jim Sprott's statements on the blog's November 2, 2006 entry is a cogent response to this latest "brain stem" angle.


Herod the Great and Washington Bipartisanship

The midterm elections are finally over and the advent season is at the door. In Matthew 2 it reads, starting with verse 8 (speaking of Herod the Great), "...Go and make a careful search for the child. As soon as you find him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship Him."
If CNN and FOXNews were on-line then they would have ridiculed anyone who accused Herod as lying. We report, you decide. However, we all know when Herod ordered the killing of all children two years old or less in Bethlehem and its suburbs (Mt 2:16) it proved his previous desires to worship Christ were outright lies.
Now that the elections are over newly elected and entrenched congresspeople alike are falling over themselves in telling us they look forward to working in bipartisan fashion. Such statements remind me of Herod's statement from Mt 2:8. While some overlap in ideology exists between republicans and democrats, congresspeople mostly execute their duties in such a way to facilitate reelection, with concerns of appeasing pro-bipartisan constitutents being a distant afterthought. They report, they decide. We reelect more of the same.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Negative Ad Season Comes to a Close

With so many politicians funding negative ads this past election cycle we can conclude the contenders' PR experts believe viewers won't switch the channel once they roll. In other words they accomplish their goals. We'll call it the NASCAR effect--people who view car races to see the crash while deny such if pressed to confess.

One's left to conclude that many of our furture leaders, apart from spiritual renewal, are people you wouldn't want in charge of your PTA or youth baseball league, let alone political office on a national or state level.

Haggard's Hypocrisy

More than a few media types have expressed glee over the falling of a Christian evangelist. Apparently, as Ted Haggard preached against homosexuality he practiced the same as he had opportunity. Now outed, he's out as well as the pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Not able to hear all the talk radio geniuses in every city today, I can imagine the tune was not too dissimilar to the one sung locally. There's a certain satisfaction experienced by an unbeliever when a Christian evangelist falls with said fall draped in hypocrisy. I suspect Jesus Christ Himself escaped attack as red herring arguments are often unassailable. Dismantling Christ has always led to failure.

Christians in leadership positions succumbing to temptation is nothing new, nor are erecting self-preservation mechanisms. The use of the behavorial triangulation technique--publicly staing one thing and acting in the oppiste manner-- is just one method of concealment. And in the case of a true believer such action may be personally disconcerting (Romans 7:19 "For what I do is not the good I want to do...") For another example of behavioral triangulation see Foley, Congressman Mark. Not that his motivation was like Paul's of course. I don't know.