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Monday, July 31, 2006

Judah's Spin

Decades ago the use of "spin" generally precipitated visions of a twirling top. Today the use of "spin" invokes thoughts of pontificating politicians twisting the truth to garner greater access to the public treasury. And this for purposes of pleasing oneself under the guise of "serving" the citizentry. Spin is as old as mankind himself. From Adam, Eve, Satan and that blasted apple and responsibility issue, to Cain and his affliction with IMD--Intermittent Murder Disorder, to your local politician who's going to save Social Security and make sure your child gets a quality, affordable education.

The church of Jesus Christ has always been beset with problems. Myriads of people spin their excuse for rejecting Christ for that reason alone. He can't be God in the flesh otherwise the church would have fewer faults. Spin. False Gospel. Rationalization. Evidence of guilt.

Judah, son of Jacob--first name only people, like Madonna and 50-Cent--was not immune to personal problems and was a potential source of embarrassment to a significant future relative--Jesus Christ. He too was good at spinning. He and his brothers of course were infuriated with brother Joseph after hearing of his dreams (Genesis 37) and his belief that his brothers would one day serve him. The text uses that humbling phrase "bowing down."

So, the brothers wanted to kill him but the elderly one Rueben convinces them not to go that far. He suggests dumping him in a well. This they do, after stripping him of his robe. Then, after eating, Judah suggests selling Joseph to the caravanning Ishmaelites instead of killing him and covering it up. "After all, he is our brother," he said (Gen 37:26). How nice. Spin. It's as if Judah believes Joseph owes him a favor for granting him a brotherly blessing. We're not going to kill you, just sell you into slavery. Rationalization is the mother's milk of spin.

It gets worse for Judah. He has three kids and the two eldest, Er and Onan, God kills off because they're wicked. He withholds his youngest Shelah from marrying Tamar, the widow of Er the elder, for reasons unknown to us. Tamar tricks Judah, literally and figuratively, (see: tution, prosti-) and is impregnated by him. Talk about a bummer of a road trip. Once confronted Judah's statement is "She is more righteous than I" (Gen 38:26). More spin. Why not, "I am more wicked than she?" Man likes to comment on his perceived degree of righteousness rather than his lostness (Rom 3:10). This is good for his self-esteem. It's also spin. Man exhausts himself recounting his perceived attributes while tearing down himself and society in the process. That's what spin does.

Jesus Christ chose to be a blood relative to Judah in the flesh, and his incestuous son Perez to boot. It's always better to bow down to the King than to try to spin our way out of guilt. In the long run the grace and mercy of the King overlook the spinning and grant adoption by way of covenantal redemption into the only true family, one destined for a sinless and grand existence on the flipside of this mortal existence.

God's people are a mess. They acknowledge that. But they're redeemed. In many cases they spin less. Spin Detox. Class is always in session.

When Bicyclists Spin

Speaking of spinning, the recent quotes of American de France winner Lance, er, Floyd Landis all point towards.... guilty as charged. Floyd of course failed a drug screen. He blamed beer and whiskey for his elevated testosterone and made several other statements that all danced around the obvious needed statement--"I did not take or inject any testosterone, growth hormone, or other like compounds or drugs that would lead to this failed drug screen." Bicycle wheels spin, as sometimes so do their riders.

Mel's Tirade

The Passion of the Christ's Mel Gibson was recently caught driving with booze in the blood and brain, and with a mouth full of expletives. As the court of public opinion decides whether or not he's anti-Semetic or not, others debate if his career is headed the way of M. Night Shyamalan's (see: Water, Lady in the) after a string of ho-hummers since the 1999 The Sixth Sense (2002's Signs being a possible exception).

Mel's career isn't over in the arena of biblical films if he wants to pursue that option. The Passion of the Christ was truer to the biblical text than Scorsese's hatchet job The Last Temptation of Christ, and the critical Christian viewer knows that. Christians are forgiving people and even if there's not any evidence of true repentance, if Mel makes another blockbuster that is in a similar vein to Passion he'll reload his coiffeurs with enough money to make the ghost of Joseph Kennedy proud. If God used Pharaoh for his purposes there's no reason to think he won't use Mel again. Mel's not gaining in points in heaven but he's still got time to get his affairs in order.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Great Reason Not to Vote For Katherine Harris

This story covers the formation of an European Unionish type of America, a "North American Union" arrangement wherein Mexico and Canada become one with us. It seems Katherine Harris, the presumptive Florida Republican nominee for the U.S. senate, who would lose to Bill Nelson (Dem) anyway come November, was trying to push this through the House of Representatives in May of 2005.

For some reason the idea of absolving our nation into a North American soup (see spp.gov) gives me political GERD (gastric-esophageal reflux disorder)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Lights, Action, Me!

Whenever Hollywood types dress up and attend Oscar-type events they invariably end up in front of myriads of cameras. Unlike when the paparazzi trap them outside bars or in airports, at these soirees the stars are quite photophilic. They turn from shooter to shooter for moments and moments until they're all shot up.

Their motivation can be distilled down into two possibilities. One, it's part of the job and done begrudgingly to promote their careers. Or two, see number one without the begrudginly part, plus it feeds their egos as "stars." Two is probably right and that goes a long way in explaining why these particular stereotypes live problem-riddled lives, despite great wealth in most cases. Paris Hilton is quite good at this and can't seem to get quite enough face time.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Saber rattling is at a fever pitch now out yonder. Israel and Hezbollah have the ball rolling in the Western Middle East and pint size warlords are watching. You can't expect much from North Korea, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Hamas, etc. so it will be interesting to see who stays on the sidelines while the latest exchange of artillery goes forth. Hopefully this will all go away nicely but you never know.

What's truly amazing is people stiff-arm the Christian faith in the belief unregenerate men can diplomatically reach peace through use of alternative means. I guess 6000 years' worth of broken treaties is not long enough of a trial to disprove their hypothesis.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Experts Trot Out to Defend Thimerosal Again

Every so often "experts" are quoted in various media outlets to defend the indefensible. In yet another vaccine-defending and thimerosal-denouncing story, experts claim there is "no evidence" to link an increase in cases of autism in Britain to measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, or thimerosal. They should have least still "very poor evidence," or "weak evidence," or little evidence." But "no evidence?" Yikes.

Whenever a medical expert uses extreme language that generally raises suspicion as to who's paying them and for what reason. In this case, it's likely they never looked for evidence of a link.

There's lots of evidence that thimerosal and MMR vaccines are implicated in causing many cases of autism. If these experts ever look for it they'll find it. Until then, there's no evidence these experts are experts.

Friday, July 14, 2006

E-mail from Hillary

I e-mailed Sen. Hillary Clinton regarding concerns I had with illegal immigrants comng in, well... her's what I wrote... " Much attention is being paid by Washington, D.C. to the illegal
immigrants crossing our borders in Texas and California, but hardly any attention to other problem areas. Of particular concern is the 17 mile stretch at the southern most point of Nevada sandwiched between California and Arizona. Being scores of miles from any town appears to have attracted the attention of the immigrants. Do you intend to address the Bush Administration on this situation in Southern Nevada? pouring over the border at a 17-mile stretch of Southern Nevada."

Yes, Nevada. Immigrants crossing the border in Southern... Nevada. (see map for Nevada-Mexico "border").

I received a lengthy reply outlining what Sen. Clinton intends to do about the immigration problem. I guess her staff didn't realize Nevada doesn't border Mexico, or they did but sent a reply anyway. Whatever the reason, this is more proof that your mail to your state representative will not likely be read. So if you write a letter, just write something along the lines of , "blah, blah, blah, blah then [insert key word here]" (e.g. taxes, education, environment, IRS, CIA, FBI, CFR, FDA, DEA, etc.) Spare yourself explicating details. The letter gets boiled down to a polling figure at best.

You'll get a response and not have wasted valuable time crafting a letter not to be taken seriously.

Rushing Back In Time

I pondered recently the idea of what it would be like to go back in time to see my favorite concert songs live again. With my first concert being Grand Funk Railroad in 1975 I had accumulated a somewhat lengthy list to mull over.

No, the guys to the left aren't Mark, Don and Mel (GFR) but rather RUSH, those Canadian rockers--(left to right) Geddy Lee (vocals, bass, keyboards), Neil Peart (the professor on the drum kit, lyrics) and Alex Lifeson (guitars). Having seen Rush live about 12 times since the late 70s, about 4 of their songs were poised to make my top ten. Other's jockeying for position included The Song Remains the Same (Led Zeppelin-June 3, 1977), Barracuda (Heart-1980s), See Me Feel Me (The Who-1982?), and Highway Star (Deep Purple-1970s or 80s) .

One of the Rush songs on my short list was Natural Science (an oxymoron unfortunately) from their Permanent Waves album of 1980. Then I realized I saw Rush play Natural Science in 2004 on their 30th anniversary tour. The experience of which I was pondering, I sort of fulfilled after all. It was great. However, it's over. I don't remember much about seeing the song live the first time. Memory fades. But I remember liking it way back then. I'm pretty sure. I think I saw Foghat live too once but I can't remember for sure. Such is neuronal activity.

Fun is fleeting. That's why we go back for more--experience and titillation doesn't sustain. The half-life is short. This isn't a denouncement of fun but rather an observation about it.

So, what other Rush songs made my list... besides Natural Science? Countdown (Signals-1982) due to the cool space shuttle video that played on the big screen in the background, Tom Sawyer (Moving Pictures-1981) and Trees (Hemispheres-1978) were the others. Ask em tomorrow and maybe I'll say Between the Wheels, Villa Strangiato and Free Will.

Getting down to ten would have been tough. Recalling Natural Science eased the pain and I stopped promulgating my list.

P.S. Even Billy Joel had a cool song live with helicopter sound effects in the background. And I was never a Joelite.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Reparations - Means of False Atonement

The movement to demand Americans today make reparations for the sins of their ancestors continues to grow. For the reparationists this is a race baiting issue and not a legal issue per se. However, reparationists ultimately seek to tweak law so they can pass judgment on dead people and siphon money from alive people.

If the acquisition and redistribution of reparations were made law it would at its core be a law requiring restitution secondary to now-deemed-illegal, past offenses. To be consistent, reparationists shouldn't stop there. Any past crime that cost bling to some afflicted party should be offest by way of restitution per any living ancestor(s) of the past offender. All crimes throughout history need to be dredged up and penalties assessed against some living ancestor. This would shut down the courts in short order if implemented. It's nutso.

Reparationists aren't interested in the sane and proper application of law. They're all about atoning for their own sins and assuaging their own guilt by transferring it onto you. The only way they will sense resolution of their guilt will be evidenced by you cutting a check for living ancestors of slaves from the War of Northern Aggression. Slavery as widely practiced in the 19th century was unjust but reparations as defined today has nothing to do with righting a wrong.

Pirates of the Caribbean Soaking it Up

Johnny Depp and company had a nice weekend. Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest is estimated to pull $132 million domestically on its opening weekend. At the local theater (20-theater megaplex) the movie was selling out 3 hours prior to showtime. That equates to 5 showings being sold out at a time. Disney spent $225 million to make the thing sans marketing so they'll certainly make a profit come later this week. Read no further if you plan on seeing the movie. For the rest of you, read on.

The movie was quite average for long stretches. There were some great scenes but the 2.5 hour movie was too long and burdened with a weak script. Johhny Depp's character Captain Jack Sparrow was great, as before, so it's a shame he wasn't afforded a better opportunity to put out a memorable product. Hopefully the third movie next year will be better. If not, ... aarrrghh.

Mouse Potato?

"Mouse Potato" was recently added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary here in the Great American Empire. "Mouse Potato" describes a person who uses a computer "a lot." It's an obvious play on words ala "couch potato."

Generally a word penetrates society fairly extensively before it's granted status as an official word. "Mouse Potato" is in the same freshman class as bling, unibrow and google. These other words were far more worthy of entry and having "mouse potato" tag along is certainly humilating for these more worthy additions.

The himbos in the empty suits making this decision surely made a mistake. For more information, google.

ESPNEWS Bemoans Itself

ESPNEWS people covering the World Cup bemoaned the coverage Frenchman and soccer legend Zinedine Zidane is getting for head butting an Italian player in the sternum during overtime against these bastions of espresso. The ESPNEWSites thought it a shame that the winners--the Italians--were losing media coverage of their feat because Zidane's Intermittent Explosice Disorder kicked in.

Perhaps someone should tell the ESPNEWS people that if Zidane is getting undue coverage it's because they're doling it out. Very federal government like--create a problem then fret over it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Is There Mercury in My Baby?

Apparently there was a need to reconfirm that which was assumed to not need reconfirming-- that is, there's no link between autism and vaccination. This article trumpets the news (see: Oz, Wizard of).

This is called "damage control." The statinists (Cholesterol Lowering People) do the same thing--reconfirming that which allegedly needed no further confirmation-- every few months or years. If you tell a lie long enough, eventually it... (becomes the truth)

Reading between the lines here, if you're baby has autism and received thimerosal-containing vaccines in the past, there's a good chance there's a connection.

The Resensitization of Oz

Apparently Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen went to "sensitivity training" after making disparaging remarks related to his perceived sexual proclivities of a Chicago sports writer named Jay. Sensitivity training is a new tenet in the marriage of church and state. Instead of confession of sin, deadness of life (due to a relationship with Adam), need of forgiveness and salvation, there's character flaws that need state assistance to overcome. Salvation through the blood of feds, if you will.

It will be interesting to see when a Christian refuses to go to sensitivity training somewhere someday on the grounds it violates his religion. I suspect his faith appeal will be denied and he'll be sentenced to advanced sensitivity training for even suggesting Christ's Words are superior to federal decree.