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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Crime and Brothels

Those bastions of prudency in Amsterdam are shutting down a third of the "windows" in Amsterdam's red light district to help reduce crime. Those windows from which prostitutes solicit business. To a Westerner, where everything needs to be subjected to a scientific study, this comes as a big surprise.

Americans generally reject Biblical revelation, which clearly defines prostitution as sin, and look at issues through a humanistic lens. OK, so there's a high crime rate in the red light district of Amsterdam. Let's see if it's a case of the crime rate is high, and would be higher with less prostitution, or if indeed the high crime rate is a side effect of the prostitution. Once the parameters are set then study leaders prove their case and find fault with the opposing side, which also proved its case. With intergrity lacking any and everything is "proven."

It's nice to see the city authorities in Amsterdam taking this stand. Maybe some of these ladies of the evening can escape the sex trade and engage in other occupations that restore some of their lost dignity.


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