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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


After perusing the free cyber encyclopedia Wikipedia for a while it struck me as decent. What's particulary novel is that anyone can edit it at any time. No qualifications necessary. It takes all of two minutes to sign-up. Don't like the fact William Lloyd Garrison's page omitted his quote about Lincoln--"had not a drop of anti-slavery blood in his veins"--add it! I did. Any no one has deleted it for nearly a month now. That doesn't mean it will be there tomorrow. Wikipedia is mostly self-policing. Sure, it gets vandalized but the wiki-lurkers fix things rather quickly. Abusers can be put in the penalty box by the wiki-masters if they become recalcitrant, repeat offenders. There are policies established for butting heads to work things out (e.g. creationists v. evolutionists)

One can imagine how much money the feds would have spent had they signed into law legislation mandating a free, Wikipedia-like encyclopedia for the American people. One can imagine how much more slanted the information would be to boot. Wikipedia does request everyone maintain a "neutral view" when posting or editing, but neutrality exists of course only in the minds of the blinded-by-bias crowd. We deal with that. That's life.

If you have a particular interest start posting away. Once a self-appointed kingpin counters your opinion take him to task on the "discussion" page. If you're indeed corrected you'll be all the better for it. Forget what you've posted? Go to your "my contributions" page. All of your contributions are recorded there. Homeschoolers could really get smarter if they cruised Wikipedia.


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