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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Taming the Groping Riders

The city council of Goiania, capital of the central state of Goias (Sao Paulo, Brazil) unanimously approved a bill to provide all-female buses during the morning and evening hours of rush hour. Why? Too many complaints of uninvited groping and fondling by male riders. Constant and numerous complaints from female riders over the years led to this decision.

Sao Paulo, Brazil has a very weak Christian presence. "Feminists" incensed with Christianity fail to see the long-term consequences of the fanatical propagation of their own false doctrine--the increased vulonerability of women to acts they prefer not to endure. In Sao Paulo there doesn't seem to be a problem with males suffering physical abuse at the hands of aggressive females. The problem is unidirectional against women.

Whenever mankind casts off the mercy, grace and law revealed in the Bible it's the women who become more vunerable to abuse. Attempts at fixing problems apart from appealing to Scripture results in further destined-to-fail, expensive band-aids such as all female buses. It may have short-term success but ultimately will serve to empower the state and subject women to greater like-problems down the road.

Note too that convictions for groping doesn't seem to be in play here, and that no one is clamoring for men to "violate" their conscience and address their immoral behavior. When God is ruled irrelevant mankind gravitates to animal-like behaviors.


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