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Friday, November 10, 2006

I was Born This Way

Homosexuals often declare they were born that way and opt not to inquire into the lives of the many that rethought and changed their opinion about the lifestyle's legitimacy. Of interest is the comparison with many people (everyone, I would suggest) born with a proclivity for theft, apart from any personal conviction as to theft possibly being illegitimate behavior. Ultimately most people are taught theft is wrong and the "whatever makes you happy" argument is set aside as an excuse or defense, while sanctions are threatened by the anti-theft party in the event the thief doesn't mend his or her ways. This usually plays out in the family situation when the thief is about a year old.

Per today's situational ethics thieves are expected to resist their immoral tendency to steal, even by homosexuals, while homosexuals are not expected to rethink what should be a suitable object of their sexual attraction. How incongruent! Ironically, a lot of homosexuals are also adherents to postmodern thought and therefore can't prove or justify their reasoning for their hypocritical stand. Fortunately for them, they're not sure if life and choice matters and thereby escape any compulsion to arrive at the truth of the matter. This would explain why you don't find a homosexual who seems to be content. Contentment and homosexuality are incompatible.

If life is believed to be devoid of truth and moral distinctions than love and peace can only be artificial and not worthy of either embracing or rejecting. Chaos, loneliness and restlessness are inevitable.


Anonymous Greg Rummo said...

Most (all?) heterosexual males are born polygamists. Otherwise why would there be so much divorce, adultery, extra-martial affairs and the profusion of pornography. Shall we excuse this behavior based on genetics? I think not. Apart from the Bible and any consideration of Christianity, morality dictates proper behavior assuming we want an orderly society with the traditional family as its building block. Now add the extra dimension of an all-knowing God and we see his wisdom revealed in the Scriptures regarding what is right and wrong. Sin is itself a very real disease or condition of man, passed on from generation to generation through the blood. It manifests itself in many ways and certainly one could consider homosexuality, alcoholism and an adulterous heart among the curses our sin nature brings to us. In Christ we have the power to conquer these weights and sins that so easily deceive us. To excuse immoral behavior, blaming it on genetics, misses the point in this case.

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