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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where Have All the Men Gone?

American college graduates of the female persuasion are running up against a smaller percentage of marriable options, if academic credentials are important to them. A load of smarts
does not impart an intrinsically high desirability factor, but dismissing the factor altogether isn't without pitfalls either.

Some estimates suggest 60% of females , give or take a few percentage points, make up the university student population of late. That means for every three females there's two available guys who are, roughly speaking, intellectually equal. Therefore, applying musical chair principles, one out of three girls must await a suitor who's either intellectually inferior or from another country altogether. Of course there are the issues of God's sovereignty, physical attraction, the breakdown of the family, and the definition of love that merit examination but we'll leave those aside for now.

I would suggest the American culture has been largely feminized over the past few decades and this has untoward effects in both classrooms and the office place. Young males growing up in America now are unknowingly exposed to an atmosphere that their maleness does not favor or desire. In many cases, this leads to a lack of interest and pursuit of finding a niche in life. Sure, there are slackers but there's others who start out in life meaning well but become disenchanted at some point in their lives because of the inability to male-ize their environment, without the political and economic repercussions.

In an inclusive sense, God designed women to nurture a house and make it a home while males are driven more by work interests. Women by no means are meant to avoid the "work place" but the feminization of it imperils the potential relationship-forming odds for females. At some point the question must be asked if over-feminizing the culture is worth it, especially when you consider having a daughter or two one day.


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