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Monday, September 04, 2006

Political Races Bring out the Little gods

It's Negative Ad Season and we're all poised to complain about it. With midterm elections approaching a slew of races are underway which means ads galore. It's difficult to pass an hour without hearing, reading or seeing an ad with a politician promising to fix a decades-old, monumental problem, if he or she is elected. There's rarely a promise to try hard but rather to succeed. History dictates the majority of promises go unfulfilled but that doesn't stop the hopefuls from treating everyone to the Promest Fest.

Politics are inevitable, as are politicians. However we live in a culture that embraces and prioritizes pipe dreams over truth and reasonableness. The inertia of the current political climate flow$ into Washington and out from our pocket$. A growing, maturing and reformed Christian church will be necessary to affecting a change in the nature of politics. Until such a change is evident the present political climate will merely reflect a culture that is happily enslaved while believing it's emancipated.


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