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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chocolate and Heaven

Bumper Sticker Analysis

"If they don't have chocolate in heaven... I ain't going."

This is typical anti-Christian fodder for a text book straw man argument. The presupposition of the bumper sticker maker is heaven doesn't have much to offer. If the expectation is great chocolate is enough of a reason to go there then heaven, as defined here, is far short of a biblically-defined heaven.

Notice also the keys to heaven are believed to be in the possession of the potential heavenee. Everyone grants their own right of passage if that's their wish. American culture dictates heaven is a place you go if you want and if you die. With such a user-friendly plan it's not surprising the expectations of the place itself are so low. Chocolate can be great but to believe it's presence, or absence thereof, in heaven is crucial is to have a dim view of life.


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