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Friday, July 14, 2006

Rushing Back In Time

I pondered recently the idea of what it would be like to go back in time to see my favorite concert songs live again. With my first concert being Grand Funk Railroad in 1975 I had accumulated a somewhat lengthy list to mull over.

No, the guys to the left aren't Mark, Don and Mel (GFR) but rather RUSH, those Canadian rockers--(left to right) Geddy Lee (vocals, bass, keyboards), Neil Peart (the professor on the drum kit, lyrics) and Alex Lifeson (guitars). Having seen Rush live about 12 times since the late 70s, about 4 of their songs were poised to make my top ten. Other's jockeying for position included The Song Remains the Same (Led Zeppelin-June 3, 1977), Barracuda (Heart-1980s), See Me Feel Me (The Who-1982?), and Highway Star (Deep Purple-1970s or 80s) .

One of the Rush songs on my short list was Natural Science (an oxymoron unfortunately) from their Permanent Waves album of 1980. Then I realized I saw Rush play Natural Science in 2004 on their 30th anniversary tour. The experience of which I was pondering, I sort of fulfilled after all. It was great. However, it's over. I don't remember much about seeing the song live the first time. Memory fades. But I remember liking it way back then. I'm pretty sure. I think I saw Foghat live too once but I can't remember for sure. Such is neuronal activity.

Fun is fleeting. That's why we go back for more--experience and titillation doesn't sustain. The half-life is short. This isn't a denouncement of fun but rather an observation about it.

So, what other Rush songs made my list... besides Natural Science? Countdown (Signals-1982) due to the cool space shuttle video that played on the big screen in the background, Tom Sawyer (Moving Pictures-1981) and Trees (Hemispheres-1978) were the others. Ask em tomorrow and maybe I'll say Between the Wheels, Villa Strangiato and Free Will.

Getting down to ten would have been tough. Recalling Natural Science eased the pain and I stopped promulgating my list.

P.S. Even Billy Joel had a cool song live with helicopter sound effects in the background. And I was never a Joelite.


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