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Monday, July 10, 2006

Reparations - Means of False Atonement

The movement to demand Americans today make reparations for the sins of their ancestors continues to grow. For the reparationists this is a race baiting issue and not a legal issue per se. However, reparationists ultimately seek to tweak law so they can pass judgment on dead people and siphon money from alive people.

If the acquisition and redistribution of reparations were made law it would at its core be a law requiring restitution secondary to now-deemed-illegal, past offenses. To be consistent, reparationists shouldn't stop there. Any past crime that cost bling to some afflicted party should be offest by way of restitution per any living ancestor(s) of the past offender. All crimes throughout history need to be dredged up and penalties assessed against some living ancestor. This would shut down the courts in short order if implemented. It's nutso.

Reparationists aren't interested in the sane and proper application of law. They're all about atoning for their own sins and assuaging their own guilt by transferring it onto you. The only way they will sense resolution of their guilt will be evidenced by you cutting a check for living ancestors of slaves from the War of Northern Aggression. Slavery as widely practiced in the 19th century was unjust but reparations as defined today has nothing to do with righting a wrong.


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