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Friday, July 14, 2006

E-mail from Hillary

I e-mailed Sen. Hillary Clinton regarding concerns I had with illegal immigrants comng in, well... her's what I wrote... " Much attention is being paid by Washington, D.C. to the illegal
immigrants crossing our borders in Texas and California, but hardly any attention to other problem areas. Of particular concern is the 17 mile stretch at the southern most point of Nevada sandwiched between California and Arizona. Being scores of miles from any town appears to have attracted the attention of the immigrants. Do you intend to address the Bush Administration on this situation in Southern Nevada? pouring over the border at a 17-mile stretch of Southern Nevada."

Yes, Nevada. Immigrants crossing the border in Southern... Nevada. (see map for Nevada-Mexico "border").

I received a lengthy reply outlining what Sen. Clinton intends to do about the immigration problem. I guess her staff didn't realize Nevada doesn't border Mexico, or they did but sent a reply anyway. Whatever the reason, this is more proof that your mail to your state representative will not likely be read. So if you write a letter, just write something along the lines of , "blah, blah, blah, blah then [insert key word here]" (e.g. taxes, education, environment, IRS, CIA, FBI, CFR, FDA, DEA, etc.) Spare yourself explicating details. The letter gets boiled down to a polling figure at best.

You'll get a response and not have wasted valuable time crafting a letter not to be taken seriously.


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