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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sex at the World Cup

It seems Germany has taken in an additional 40,000 "prostitutes", on top of the existing 400,000, to accommodate the increased demand for fornicative favors between World Cup soccer games. So, while the German government thinks tax revenues it overlooks the plight of the women shipped in against their will to "facilitate the process."

Sex trafficking is said to be about a $10 billion a year industry, which equates to about 30 million people being exploited to produce that figure. Naturally, the U.N. blames social end economic injustice for the problem, as opposed to good old fashioned sin. Therefore, expect any U.N. solution to increase poverty and increase sex slaves (See: fire, back).

The answer to the sex slave industry is the spread of the Christian gospel. No other Person outside of Jesus Christ has any power or compelling reason capable of convincing traffickers into giving up their work for one of noble and just character.

As an aside, it's ironic that feminists, purporting to be defenders of woman's rights, till the soil of the minds of women with false notions that ultimately serves to increase the chances of women being thrust into the sex slave industry against their will (see: fire, back).

In closing of this observation, an excerpt from the German Constitution,


Article 2 (Rights of liberty).

"2. Everyone has the right to life and to inviolability of his person. The freedom of the individual is inviolable. These rights may only be encroached upon pursuant to a law."


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