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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jerry Lewis

Unregenerate man works himself silly in hopes of bypassing Jesus Christ to get into heaven. Dating back to 1966, Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Levitch) has raised over 2 billion dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association with his annual Labor Day telethon. His personal accomplishments in the entertainment industry are plentiful and a potential source of envy for many aspiring, wannabe stars.

Years ago I asked the gatekeeper at the local performing arts center a number of questions, including, "which entertainer passing through here was the rudest/meanest?" He had worked there for a number of years at the time. Without equivocation he responded "Jerry Lewis." I'm fairly certain he entertained there multiple nights so that would discredit the "one of those days" excuse.

As Jerry battles pnemonia and recovers from a mild heart attack it's illustrative to examine his life. He had it all in the world's eyes and even "gave back to the community." In the end though all of his good works won't negate the sentence of spiritual death imparted by Eve's husband Adam. Hopefully he'll make it.


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