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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wyeth Aggravating Women

Makers of the seldom-ingested female hormones Premarin (conjugated estrogen) and Prempro (Premarin + Provera) are irked that consumers are having better results using compounded hormones made by "compounding pharmacies." Wyeth (Big Druga) is whining to the FDA about the lack of regulation and the "health concerns" with compounding pharmacies dispensing their "homemade" prescriptions. One can't imagine why a woman would want to take a bioidentical hormone with a better safety profile than a synthetic derivative. But, they do. There's a world of difference between taking estriol, estrone, estradiol and progesterone, in comparison to Premarin and medroxyprogesterone (Provera). The free market figured that out and Wyeth is financially flabbergasted.

With regards to the petitions and e-mails to the FDA--might I suggest that the focus include contracts by Wyeth and its vendors/accountants/law firms, etc. not to hire former FDA employess for a period of five years. Just in case collusion is brewing behind the scenes.

To read a fuller yet politically correct account of this story click here.


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