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Thursday, April 06, 2006

SIIS - Sudden Income off Infants Syndrome

This coming April 8 (Spring-for-SIDS Day) the American SIDS Institute hopes to bring national awareness to the war on SIDS ("Suddent Infant Death Syndrome") . If you go to their site you'll read how the SIDS death rate has fallen by over 50% since 1983. Not surprisingly that's the same year the institute was founded. However, if you look at their graph depicting the decline in the SIDS death rate since 1980, you'll see that there wasn't much of a change until 1989. Their ability to misread and misquote their own graph gives you ample reason to distrust them and not to donate to them.

It was British scientist Barry Richardson in 1989, who recommended that babies sleep on their backs, that made the only meaningful recommendation to cause a decrease in the SIDS death rate. Barry Richardson discovered that elements common to mattresses, bedding and infant clothing contained materials that in the presence of heat (think fever) and fungus (think babies) could produce nerve gas. Infants that can't stand in their crib can't escape nerve gas. Note that the recent "baby sucks on a pacifier" recommendation is entirely consistent with the nerve gas explanation. James Sprott, OBE MSc PhD FNZIC of New Zealand was simultaneously traveling down the same rabbit trail in New Zealand and confirmed Richardson's work. Since 1994 over 100,000 polyethelene mattress covers have been sold in New Zealand and of the 700+ reported SIDS deaths there not one of them was associated with "mattress cover babies."

For the sake of argument, lets say 70,000 of those mattress covers were never used. Let's say they were bought but then used as tarps, drop cloths, etc. instead of their intended use. With about 1 SIDS death per 1000 births in New Zealand (more specifically, 0.93 deaths per 1000 births in 2002) one would still expect 30 deaths out of 30,000 "mattress cover babies," based on the statistics, and with the assumption the toxic gas explanation is either irrelevant, flat out wrong, or both!

I e-mailed five major SIDS organizations about the New Zealand experience and inquired if they had ever sought to verify the purported immaculate track record of the "mattress babies," and whether or not they would mention the experience on their websites. After more than a month, 4 out of 5 of the organizations never replied and the 5th e-mailed spin and opted not to answer the inquiries.

So next time your local rag runs a story of sobbing parents mourning their baby that never woke up one morning, remember the implicit great gag order by the alleged leaders in the war on SIDS.

There's no shortage of theories and studies on what causes SIDS. But in New Zealand it appears the collective benefit of all the research unrelated to the nerve gas explanation is irrelevant or close to it. To read more about the New Zealand experience and to glean greater detail into the nerve gas explanation click here.

You'll not find a well-controlled, double-blind study but there's still much to glean from this article by Dr. Sprott. There won't ever be a large-scale study on the matter as a government that mandates phosphorus be included in mattresses has too much to lose ($$$) by admitting culpability. Not to mention, dealing with the thousands of infuriated mothers who believe their government acts with their best interests at heart.

So the next time a SIDS organization asks you to donate your boat or RV, send them this blog piece first and ask why they don't vaidate or invalidate the only tactic that's purported to reduce the SIDS death rate to close to nil.

Disclaimer - I neither sell mattress covers nor earn any income related to the SIDS topic. However, if you like coffee e-mail me.


Blogger Rev. Dr. Hezekiah Farrell said...

Hi Younger Brother
Top of the morning to you. Great work on your blog, and I see you have become an advocate for SIDS, which is about time someone this be brought to the forefront.
The Gender Bender is also good and I leave this to you so I can study and research some more material for my many meetings.
I will check you out again to see what is up next.
Forever your Older Brother.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been very interested in the SIDS problem, Scott, especially with a new grand baby in the family. The thing I heard most recently was that "babies lying face down breath their own carbon dioxide back in instead of adequate oxygen, and thus suffer an imbalance in their blood levels." Is there anything to this? Glad to get info re mattresses, bedding, etc. Mary Anne

7:23 PM  

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