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Friday, April 21, 2006

Movie Clarifies Politics

The Sentinel, the new movie starring Michael Douglas, reminds us of how entrenched Hollywood-type theatrics are in modern, real-life politics. Presidents-walking-dogs-after-getting-off-helicopter stuff. Bill and Hillary holding hands. Nixon denying Watergate. LBJ always sober. Lincoln's love for slaves.

What's also telling is how a fictional film, one not pretending to be anything more than entertainment, is more realistic in its depiction of political machinations than is the actual political activities we witness through the media lens. In The Sentinel we see the President suggesting to the reluctant First Lady that they hold hands once they step out of the presidential limo. There's the President "intently" listening to school children sing, aching for the photo-op to end. There's the Secret Service operating behind-the-scenes to protect the First Couple.

Of course today's media can't access the world of real politicians as easily as a Hollywood camera can, but nonetheless one gets the feeling you learn more about politics by imbibing in the fakish than you do from reading government-approved textbooks about their industry, or from watching politics covered by media geeks of all sorts.

This is a good barometer for how little most political elitists care for you, and more importantly, how devilishly they behave at your expense. The system has incredible inertia with the fuel being the acquiescence and gullibility of the little guys.

(Reality TV shows nearly suffer from the same phenomena. In this case though the family-oriented sitcoms and reality shows are both significantly devoid of reality.)


Blogger Glenda said...

Somewhat similar to my experiences recently (see Reality Ensues) in a christian context. I have been able to experience a behind-the-scenes look at what christians are like when they don't have to interact with the world and put on the false front so as to not seem like them. They go to lengths of bringing Starbucks and baseball into their church and you can see them for who they are really in those settings. (sigh) They strive not for God's glory but their own appetites.

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