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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Misinterpreting Sovereign Intrusion

Whereas the earth is the Lord's and everything in it, it's remarkable that man gets frustrated when events unfold in an unpalatable manner. God created the world and remains sovereign over it. In His sovereignty he has created mankind and ordained that a small percentage of the sum total will reside with Him in paradise forever. When it's our turn to exist we eventually opt to participate in obedient fashion or remain mired in disobedience. It's willful and submissive entrance into the new covenant, mediated by Jesus Christ, that's the central, spiritual and faith transaction that transfers one out of the default group--the disobedient--into the obedient group, also known as the redeemed.

In the interim, we walk out our existence and grow in the process, one that is grueling at times. In the easiest of existences the probable encounter with death itself always looms as an arduous right of passage. Death seems intrusive but it's dangerous to view death as such in light of a holy, sovereign God ruling justly at all times. Can God intrude when by definition He's at all times just and sovereign?

Per our finite minds it's best to view life's bomb blasts perhaps not as "Intrusive" but as "intrusive." Man though, in his arrogance, tends to view life and the universe as a beast to be domesticated through education, determination and positive thinking--the same tools Satan used in the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve were intruded upon when sin was permitted to topple their proverbial pesticide-free, apple cart. Noah had the inconvenience of a major "sun shower." Joseph had to deal with the cantankerous team leader Pharaoh. David had Saul, Goliath, Bathsheba, Absalom and others. Joseph was all set to consummate his marriage with Mary until God impregnated her first. Paul was enjoying ravaging Christians and then God struck him blind for a few days. John was sent to Patmos to write that pesky book The Revelation, the book people like to skip over because it's not as easily understood as the Psalms.

Waking up in the morning has consequences, many of which try our patience. Some days it's a ball of hair on the carpet that sets us off and on others it's akin to what Job endured as family members exited life in rapid sequence.

God did not ordain individuals, families, experiences, children, governments, clubs, etc. mostly for personal fulfillment and satisfaction. He ordained these institutions mostly for Himself and for the advancement of Himself. For our own good to boot. If we live our lives in submission to His partially understood will, which is the most we can hope for this side of eternity, interpreting "intrusions" as "INTRUSIONS" we'll cause us to be tossed about like feathers in a blender. (Not that feather smoothies would taste good of course).

Death of a loved one is itself one of life's hallmark events to interpret and walk through. During and after the mourning the challenge is to learn how God is directing all of life to glorify Himself because apart from participating in the advancement of that cause there is but vanity, pointless suffering and a lack of meaningful direction.

Demons and the flesh intrude. God creates and orchestrates. The former for prideful reasons, the latter for blessing.


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