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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Illegal Healing Irked Priests?

The priests, captains of the temple guard and Sadducees had John and Peter tossed into prison (see Acts 3 and 4 in the "Testament, New") for a few reasons--all bad. Peter and John had prayed for a man lame since birth, and now over forty, to be healed. The man went from laying on a cot to "give me 'the rock,' I'm ready to dunk!"

When questioned by the rulers, elders and scribes about the event (Acts 4:7-10), Peter assumed the healing was in question, but took the opportunity to go off topic and remind this elite group that they had executed Jesus illegally, and that He rose from the dead. The healing was intimately related to 5,000 immediate conversions to the Christian faith (acts 4:4).

When the religious elites met privately later it was stated amongst them, "but in order that it may not spread any further..." The implication being the spread of the Christian faith (i.e. "it" in the text) was most irksome to them, and that the healing itself was merely a red herring charge to get these babblers out of the public square and into the interrogation room.

Peter and John would be let go (Acts 4:21) as public sentiment was deemed to be extensive and therefore threatening. Essentially the religious elitists were cutting their losses and consenting to regrouping to fight another day.

Fortunately, Peter and John did not have an American defense attorney who might have advised them to "take the Fifth." Their faith ran counter to "common sense" and led to propagation of the Christian faith without landing them in the slammer.

Notice how quickly the religious elites were prepared to wrest health care from Peter and John's model to strengthen their power base. How many other sicklies were they willing to deny the benefit of prayer (i.e. health care) to keep the masses subjugated to their religiopolitical order?

False religion played a large part in Christ's crucifixion and there's no reason to believe the anti-Christian, polytheistic fervor of American culture today is any less demonic. As the unfolding struggle against bird flu develops remember Acts 3 and 4. The church needs more Peter and Johns and less "yes men." Fears over bird flu is less about protecting people's health and more about requiring people to remain obedient to the will of the state.

Peter and John were arrested for healing a blind man (Acts 4:9). The religious "leaders" were actually irked over the increasing popularity of Christ. Nonetheless, priests attacked private sector health care providers. At stake was the extent of their power and control base. In order to force their health care system on the people they had to murder the divine healer first. Such is the nature of counterfeit health care.


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