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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gender Bender Gotta Keep Bendin'

Redefining gender is tacit admission by the bender or pro-benderists that there is a God. No, that doesn’t mean God smiles when a male undergoes surgery to “become a female,” or takes pleasure when cross-dressers pole dance to “feed their family.” Gender benders testify to God’s existence and His omnipresent law by limiting their gender assault to just the male and female gender at the expense of the handful of newly created “genders.”

Reasons for “redefining” male and female include: rebelling against societal norms; exploring and “expanding” upon heretofore predefined gender roles and appearances; self-expression; escaping a perceived mistake in gender assignment, etc.

All of these reasons share commonality in their hostility toward God and his design for His created beings. Gender benders will appeal to obscure, gender-tweaking cultures in history as precedent and justification for their modern day crusade, yet reject any appeals to history that mitigate against their deeply held values.

So when a gender bender conveys their disgust with “stereotypical, society-dictated gender roles” they’re really referencing a cherry-picked target--Biblically-defined gender standards. The smattering of other potential objects for their dissatisfaction escape unscathed. Gender benders don’t gender bend just for the sake of gender bending. In truth, gender benders are inescapably at war with God and engaged in a hypocritical struggle against God secondary to a recalcitrant will and an inborn depravity that has touched all men. Such angst over God’s two ordained genders is indicative of a deeper, personal struggle with issues they generally keep to themselves.

For the sake of argument, allow them their denials of not being hypocritical cherry pickers. In escaping one “norm” the gender bender effectively creates a new norm from which to escape. Why restrict oneself in assaulting only Bible-defined maleness and femaleness? The strict limitation of the attacks suggests the motivation is different than what’s stated.

Why aren’t the transgendered, for example, at some point rejecting their new transgendered state in favor of some other manufactured sexual, or asexual, lifestyle? A transgendered male-to-female could opt to wear male clothing and hook up with a male of the original sort who happens to wear floor-length skirts and NFL throwback jerseys. This too would be an expression of rejecting a “norm” (of limited societal penetration of course), but nonetheless an accomplishment of redefining a norm. God speaks of dying to self yet gender benders are enslaved to self and self-expression. Once adopting new gender roles they’ll invariably raise the white flag to a new-found cul-de-sac of dissatisfaction, despite vehement protests to the contrary.

Gender benders are closer to God then they realize. The spiritual war that engulfs their being is a constant reminder that God is continually in their thoughts. Sure, their affection for the extraordinary attracts attention but the more attention they receive the more they’re reminded of their inherent ineptness at pleasing both themselves and man. In some respects, the more they gender bend the more they conform. Much like what happens to those who adopt the Gothic look. What gender benders fail to realize is that it’s those who “blend in” with biblical norms who ultimately establish their uniqueness.

No one ever died satisfied for having recreated himself in his own image.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gender benders are closer to God then they realize. "

"The shadow proves the sunshine."
- Swithchfoot

Just caught the beginning of the program 20/20 where perfectly healthy people have a desire to amputate themselves. What they lack is a thankfulness for how God has created them and want pity for their new found, self-imposed state. They are decieved into thinking the public attention will keep them emotionally stable as they deal with outward changes. Yet God would have them change inwardly and gain His approval.

"We are half-hearted creatures," he says, "fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mudpies in the slums because he cannot imagine what
is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily
pleased." C.S. Lewis

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