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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Doron Nofism

"Professor" Doron Nof recently reported that the account of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 14) may have been possible if a slab of ice was floating on the lake of Galilee under Jesus' feet. (see news account here). Nevermind that the weight of evidence goes against the proverbial slab. Nof still seems to put a lot of personal weight on this theory. Or his work is a well-concealed joke.

When the disciples saw Jesus walking on water the text revealed they were afraid. They thought they saw a ghost. These are hardly the actions one would have if they saw someone walking on ice. Seeing Jeeps cruising on lakes in Colorado in mid-February doesn't freak one out. They're frozen. If you see the same thing in August, when the lake is suffering from Global Warming Syndrome, then there's reason for flabbergasty.

When Jesus told Peter to get out of the boat he walked on water for a bit before he lost focus and began sinking. Yet somehow, Jesus apparently balanced himself on His block of ice and kept Peter from sinking.

Mark and John also recorded this incident in their gospels. Apparently all three lied if you believe Nof. And the other disciples never challenged their "bizarre reports" about this water walking "scam." Why didn't Jesus say when seeing the disciples filled with fear over his walking stunt, "Take courage, it is I, walking on ice," instead of, "Take courage it is I, do not be afraid?" Does Nof really believe Jesus chided Peter with His "O you of little faith" quote (Mt 15:31) for not believing if He Himself "cheated" by walking on ice?

If there was ice in the lake then it had to be winter. Immediately before the water walking feat Jesus had fed thousands. Thousands who were sitting on green grass (Mark 6:39, Matthew 14:19). Green grass in the winter? After the sea walking incident Jesus went to Gennesaret. Men of that place brought the sick to Jesus for healing. In Matthew 14:36 it mentions the ill entreating Jesus to allow them to touch the fringe of His cloak. Does one wear a cloak when it's in the 30s or lower?

Nof has a faith problem in addition to him possibly being oceanographically challenged. I look forward to Nof's explanation of the talking donkey, the theophany in the lion's den, Paul's encounter with a vicious snake, the Noahic flood, the ten plagues, the creation of the universe and the fish chocking on the drachma.


Blogger Glenda said...

He would thus believe they were ice fishing and didn't even have a boat. Or it was hit by one of the chunks of ice and had a titantic experience and that is why Peter began to sink. Hmmmmmm. By all accounts "ye of little faith" is all too appropriate in this new discovery.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Shawn Hopkins said...

other possible reasons were there was a big plank of wood in the water, it was really shallow, water wings on the ankles. also, when he healed the blind man, there really was just some mud in his eyes.
the leper was just lazy.
now, the fact that this fellow was able to survive his childhood with a name like Doron Nof is the real miracle.

11:00 AM  

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