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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Colbert's Legacy

Included among the many expert analysts during this weekend's NFL draft was ESPN's Suzy Colbert. When I see her on TV I generally recall her infamous, 2003 run-in with the inebriated, former Jet quarterback Joe Namath. The NFL is a game played by 100% men. 100% of the head coaches are men. It's a game men have played historically as both a respite from their labors and a way to measure their physical prowess against other men.

Enter female color analysts, sideline reporters and commentators. This is a byproduct of the leftist feminist movement. While their knowledge of the game and ability to convey their thoughts and opinions may be proficient, football is still a refuge for men when played by men.

Suzy Colbert is well-liked and likeable, but will forever be remembered for being "hit on" by a drunken Joe Namath during an interview. She likely wanted the interview. He wanted a kiss, at a minimum, more than he wanted to be interviewed by Suzy. Life's not fair. It was never meant to be. This doesn't justify Namath's ill-mannered antics but merely illustrates that when Colbert injected herself into an arena in which she wasn't universally welcomed she was asking for problems.

She'll be remembered in her own fraternity as a trail blazer and a professional. Off-the-record she'll be remembered for being hit on by Joe Willie.


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