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Sunday, April 30, 2006

All the Bushes Getting Whacked

George W(md) Bush has his problems with credibility, gas prices, illegal immigrants, Rummy and Rovey. New Orlean Saints running backReggie Bush may have violated NCAA bling-related rules while an athlete-student at USC. The NCAA has its rules and allowing its athlete-students to accept large sums of money from someone in exchange for whatever the athlete-student offers in return violates those rules.

While the NCAA has a propensity to overlook college entrance qualifications of its potentially stellar athlete-students, it doesn't overlook violations of bling-related activity once these intellectually challenged youths have entered the system. The NCAA has shown itself willing to derail the lives of the bug-eyed young to promote its own fiscal interests. The half-life of the student-athlete is too short to merit a serious push back by the group as a whole. Athlete-students will continue to access the hypocritical system knowing most of them will exit not having justified, in an academic sense, the decision to permit them admission in the first place.


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