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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Win a 1/2 lb of fresh-roasted coffee!

As a "coming attraction" to a future lengthy post, what might the following have in common (relative to a common ingredient containing fat and protein in its original state!) --

resin, oil-filled breast implants, imitation marble, mattresses, mosquito repellant, bio-diesel fuel, plastics and tempeh?

All correct answers will be pooled and one winner selected (assuming two or more correct answers are submitted). If you forward the blog to a friend and they win, then whoever did the forwarding will also win a free 1/2 lb of fresh-roasted coffee.

I'll roast the coffee here at home to insure ultimate freshness. If multiple forwardings occur then only the initial forwarder wins the prize. The middle forwarders get a pat on the back.

I'll e-mail the winner(s) to get their home mailing address.

DEADLINE - March 23.



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