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Sunday, March 12, 2006

United States of Jenga

Jenga of course is the game wherein players take turns removing wooden blocks, one at a time, from an 18-story tower until the tower collapses under its own weight and instability. (To enliven the action you have to replace your removed block back on top of the tower). The last player to have successfully removed and replace a block, without toppling the tower, wins.

One could make a strong case that the strength and might of Great American Empire (still known as the "United States" in some parts) is analagous to a Jenga tower that's substantially higher, but frightenly more unstable. Our heads have pierced the stratosphere but how many more blocks can be removed and restacked before the inevitable collapse? In the analogy, the blocks are representative of historical events and moments that have instilled weakness in the nation as a whole. Things like the War Between the States, the acceptance of "Executive Orders" by the president and the created imbalance of power amongst the federal governmental branches, the debasing of the currency, the establishment of a Federal Reserve board, abortion, the increase and acceptance of sexual sins, deficit spending (public and private), public "education," welfarism, oppressive taxation, pornography as a "right" protected by the First Amendment, weakened immigration policies and practices, and there are others.

Jenga towers never "partially collapse." They crash in an instant with great fanfare leaving a shattered foundation at best. America is at a point in history where it needs blocks reinserted rather than removed. It's difficult to imagine the empire weathering very many more blocks being removed before our Jenga imitation commences.


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