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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Technical analysis of "Technical Foul"

Technical fouls are ostensibly egregious fouls commited in the game of basketball. In actuality, the phrase "technical foul" is more of an oxymoron. An oxymoron is of course is a single moron (e.g. Jon Stewart) with one free oxygen atom attached, to donate to cholesterol. That aside...

At face value and in the context of basketball, the term "technical" implies great scrutiny has been exercised. In the truest sense "technical foul" should be applied to a foul that's barely a foul, but still a foul. However, in today's game technical fouls are more correctly, "blatant fouls." For example, if a player was dribbling up court and stopped at the three-point line to complete a drug deal, the ref would overlook any concomitant palming or traveling violation(s) and call a technical foul. That would be appropriate.

If the NBA and NCAA want to be taken seriously they'd do well to change the phrase to a more technically correct form like "blatant foul," or "Artestian foul."


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