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Monday, March 13, 2006

March Madne$$

It's that time of year. You can just envision the multitude of players from the 63 teams destined for elimination, or already eliminated, from the Men's NCAA basketball tournament, gripped with depression as time runs off their respective clocks. For about half the teams the dream has been shattered and the memories are being sorted out.

But on another front, there's ... the brackets. Every year daily rags run stories on how hundreds of millions of dollars in lost economic activity will occur in the nation because employees and employers are either filling out, or following their... bracket(s) instead of producing. Most have lobbed a buck or two into a pot in hopes of achieving bragging rights for the upcoming decades, and win enough bling to buy a few double tall cappuccinos once the final buzzer sounds. Lunch hours are being extended to watch the weekday noon'ish games wrap up.

The excitement generated by the first and second rounds for untold millions of of March Madnessites is likely akin to what bird flu reporters on crack would be experiencing when racing to meet their deadlines. While legitimate violations will be handled on an office level, one could make the case that March Madness breathes life into many otherwise staid work environments saddled with enough micro-rules to strain gnat after gnat. Who knows, perhaps the mild adrenalin surge afforded by March Madness actually increases productivity? Hyped up workers--ramped up output.

With respect to the myriad of office pools, is there no greater cumulative violation of "American Empire law" than when March Madness strikes? With March Madness it's a veritable Thanksgiving Day feast type of "lawlessness." Petty ante "gamblers" push aside their draconian, empire-furthering income tax forms to pick a 14-seed over a 3-seed, a 12 over a 5, and hope their Bradley or Northwestern State knocks off a fellow poolster's Final Four pick.

While the lottery is certainly a horrific idea, March Madness is always a fun time to live vicariously through young point guards, forwards and centers from no-name schools. Hoopsters, who are about to look back and contemplate if they wasted much of their college years to throw a ball through a hoop, knowing they undermined their studies at a whiff of a chance to make the NBA. It's Madness! March Madness.

Bradley really beat Kansas? Yes! Somebody always beats Kansas.


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