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Saturday, February 11, 2006

When Open is Closed

The bumper sticker read, "A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose." This was seen in a touristy souvenir shop alongside another sticker featuring multiple "f-bombs." The rolling papers and bongs were stocked near the back of the shop. There were some tasteful items for sale so it wasn't a totally combustible atmosphere.

In a subculture that clearly "questions authority" it's typical to hear or read proclamations of their openmindedness, and to be reminded of the closedmindedness of society at-large (i.e. anyone that holds to a different world view). Ironically, this subculture is also quick to recite another of it's notable commandments--I think if something makes you happy then that's great--quite frequently. What's unstated is this commandment is unilaterally revocable if what makes you happy ticks them off.

The closedmindedness of the author of this bumpersticker is a wonderful thing to have redeemed.


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