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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When Messages Conflict

Sharen and Mike Gravelle of Wakeman, Ohio are under investigation for locking their eleven children (aged one to 14) in cages. One son said he had been made to sleep in a cage for 3 years. (Click here to read the BBC account).

The vast majority of people understand this to be cruel and intolerable conduct. However, if the Gravelles were products of the public school system, where students are taught we're related to many animals of which we lock in cages, they have a "reasonable" case. "Reasonable" in an academic and logical sense, yet the courts haven't sunk to such a low level as to make this extrapolation.

If the Gravelles are found guilty then they deserve the full brunt of the law.

One final thought--who exactly approved the Gravelles to be foster and adoptive parents in the first place?


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