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Saturday, February 25, 2006

More Bode

The press has been on American Olympic skier Bode Miller's case for about a fortnight. His lackadaisical attitude, partying, basketball hooping and more have all been excruciatingly scrutinized. It's as if he was an epoetin alpha-free Austrian with a pocketfull of tuberculin syringes or something.

For a clan of media fed up with him days ago there has been no shortage of attention on his fifth and final Olympic event today. He unmedaled again and the press was there to pounce and rip open his old wounds.

Maybe Bode didn't care. Maybe he's pretending he doesn't care, but he does, just to aggravate the media.

Athletes of that caliber generally put an inordinate emphasis on winning. You can't blame them but it is true that "obedience is better than sacrifice." Winning isn't preeminent and trying to win doesn't preempt that belief. Bode will not come clean with the press so they'll continue to deboot him until the next Sasha Cohen comes along.


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