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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Career Hummering Along

The Indie rock group The Thermals turned down $50,000 from Hummer, maker of fine large automobiles, who had sought the right to use their song It's Trivia in a commercial (for full story click here). Two other bands followed suit for similar reasons--Hummers are anti-environment, gas guzzlers. For principled musicians these musicians certainly compromise on, well, principles.

OK, so they won't accept Hummer money. Do they accept money from concertgoers who own Hummers? How about CD buyers who drive Hummers?

Did The Thermals investigate to see how many Hummer owners make donations to pro-environment organizations? What percent of wealthy Democratic National Committee donors--people who throw money at "pro-environment" causes--drive Hummers?

What's The Thermals’ relative degree of personal consumption of gas? Musicians get their music heard by way of record sales, illegal downloads. and gas guzzling touring. Successful "pro-environment" bands either tour in gas guzzling vans, gas guzzling buses, or gas guzzling jets. Led Zeppelin used to have its own jet. Phil Collins flew the Atlantic once to play two continents in one day? How many pelicans died from lung cancer or heat stroke that fateful day?

The Thermals
use instruments partially made from wood no doubt. Is this not anti-Rain Forest? They buy clothing and shoesing necessitating the furtherance of American Empire dependance on Middle East oil. Does this not make them pro-UAE port ownership of American ports?

Jesus spoke of letting the weeds and grass grow together. Alienating Hummerians won't win them over but rather tweak them into excessive Hummering on weekends for the purposes of antagonizing Thermals and those cut from a like polyester (see: product, oil) cloth.


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