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Saturday, January 21, 2006

An Ounce Of College is Worth a Pound of Something

Several national rags ran an article recently citing American universities pumping out graduates with striking deficiencies in various academic disciplines. 69% of graduates could not make extrapolations from complex books. 59% of college graduates are not proficient in reading prescription labels. So, if the instructions read, "Smoke one doobie every 6 hours," it's understandable that some students might misread "one" as "two," or perhaps "three." More than 50% of graduates could not interpret a table depicting the effects of exercise on blood pressure. Comparing credit card offers and evaluating the per-ounce price of food items were also mentioned as tasks that proved too difficult for college grads.

This is actually good news. Public schools are imploding as expected and the end result is the devaluation of the college diploma. This is not to applaud the current state of affairs per se, but to be excited that the diagnosis of public education has hit the mainstream with a mighty blow. Studious pupils and watchful parents will take note of the drive and intellect of the Jacks and Jills filling the nation's classrooms and opt for Plan B, whatever that turns out to be. The private schools too are plagued with political correctness and aren't necessarily a haven for the dutiful.

"Education" takes way too long in America and its plagued with fluff. If these problems can't be solved with cholesterol-lowering medications or mandatory lottery participation by the richest amongst us, then we'd all do well to dig into the Old Testament book Proverbs and make another go at this.


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