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Monday, January 16, 2006

The Kings are "Resting Comfortably"

Former President Gerald Ford, 92, was hospitalized today in California with pneumonia. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lies in a hospital trached and on a ventilator post-massive stroke. Health updates on world leaders are generally spun to minimalize attention on the nature of the current malady and emphasize that everything's cool, relatively speaking. If Ford is "doing very well" he's still 92 and afflicted with a serious malady for someone his age.

At one point in Yasser Arafat's last days reports ranged from he's dead, to he's critical, to his being wished a speedy recovery. After Bill Clinton underwent surgery last year to have scar tissue removed, secondary to his prior quadruple bypass surgery, Hillary released a statement saying her husband "is doing very well." I don't know if "very" was helpful in such statement. I trust she used "is" appropriately.

Politicians always have solutions to any problem and if they're ill they're still "doing very well." Having a quasi-messianic complex afflicts one with great hardship that necessitates verbal two-stepping on a frequent basis.


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