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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Inconsistent Atheists

Atheists like to denounce the Bible for multiple reasons, not the least of which is because of their belief "God" makes Osama bin Laden seem like a Boy Scout. They'll cherry pick verses on the beefier subjects--rape, murder, sacrifice, cannibalism, eunuchs, etc.--and partly justify their atheism on the unscholarly exegesis of those verses.

It's curious that atheists go to great lengths to denounce Someone they contend doesn't exist. I don't believe aliens exist and therefore haven't spent an ounce of energy or ink denouncing things spokespeople for "aliens," claim aliens have said. (I would ask rhetorically why "aliens" don't speak for themselves but that borders on alien analysis).

If the atheist is perturbed with the balance of history there's nothing he can do to change it. History is what it is and the atheist, if he really believes his atheism, must view history as the works of man operating in the absence of God. The facts are the same for all mankind. The interpretations are what differ. That which the atheist finds appalling and disturbing should be to him the fruit of atheism. To decide otherwise is to be epistemologically self-contradictory.

If the atheist could remove all bible verses he didn't like, and history was devoid of sin, the atheist would still not unilaterally seek after God. Atheists have a faith and trust problem more than they have moral concerns.

God is love and God is just at the same time. God's not sweating out the impact of what redeemed and unredeemed people alike will flub tomorrow.


Blogger Karen said...

Good stuff Scott...funny I was thinking as I was reading that the Marcions were similar to our modern day atheists - just at different places on the same continuum of thought...

of course we have lots of marcions in our day - they just aren't known by that name...they just exist in high concentrations in the american church...yep, close to atheism really...not a refusal to believe God exists - but a refusal to accept what kind of God he is - a God who is not of my own making. (Praise Him that I have NOT made Him....what a meager god He would have been!)

10:24 PM  

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