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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Free Construction Work Screening!

In terms of categorization by profession, this article, commenting on findngs by George Washington University Medical Center, purports alcoholism is most prevalent in the construction and mining industry. 1 out of 7 is an alcoholic in those fields. Reportedly, that may be a risk as much as 45% higher than found in other occupations.

One trivial flaw in the study is the failure to mention that everyone is at one time or another a construction worker. Who hasn't laid a brick, built a doghouse, painted a wall, pushed a shovel, etc. These are all activities the National Construction Education Board, calls "good" construction work, or GCW. Everyone wants and needs a high GCW level. This prevents honey-do lists from clogging up.

Then there's BCW- or "bad" construction work. Tasks like building a bridge, installing windows on a high-rise, building a dam, etc. This is the construction work that leads to elevated levels of BCW, which leads to alcoholism.

Some experts suggest what's more important than absolute levels of GCW and BCW is the ratio. For men, a good GCW/BCW ratio is 4.0 or higher. For women, the goal is a ratio of 3.5. While diet alone can often improve ratios some people may need to take medication.

The good people at Pflamzer recently released their new drug to reduce BCW by up to 50%. Their drug, deconstructastatin, costs only $99.95 per month and lowers alcoholism by nearly 0.005%! It's effect on all-cause mortality is less dramatic. The gooder people at Muck, Shock and Dumb (MSD) claim their product--alcolowastatin--provides an equivalent benefit with fewer side effects. Moreover, Alcolowastatin is said to increase GCW levels by 20%. For women that can't seem to get their husbands to stop watching playoffs to fix the leaky roof, alcolowastatin may be preferred for these patientsover other drugs in this class. However, Alcolowastatin costs up to $3 million per day.

Alcolowastatin's costs seems to be prohibitive. But with the new Medicare Part D prescription plan, seniors can get alcolowastatin with only a $2 co-pay. Who's pays the rest? It doesn't matter--as long as the goodest people at MSD keep lobbyists dollars flowing into the coffers of the two major political parties, the good folk in Washington won't present the details of their "budget."

So, stop living in fear. Go to your doctor today. Ask for the little red, white and blue pill.

Need your CW levels checked? Head to your local mall today and get screened. All you'll need is a hammer, a remote control, and your most recent set of assembly instructions from Wal*Mart. It's free. It's easy.

Help stop alcoholism--stop working on major tasks! It's never too late to stop working.


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