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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Disunion of the State

President Bush will deliver his State of the Union speech Tuesday night. It's the annual event when the president goes before the television cameras and tells us how great things are. Relative to the rest of the world life is pretty good here. Those that leave for a time are generally happy to get back. However, when you compare yourself with the Middle East, Africa, and a host of other paradise-challenged countries how giddy can you get?

We're in a seemingly interminable conflagration with Iraq. We're doing a two-step at the moment with Iran. A large chunk of American adults are illiterate. We're in debt up to the upper half of our foreheads. The two-party system and its stranglehold on our legal system continue to snuff out the middle class.

This Tuesday will be cast as a state of the union but in truth its both a lengthy attempt to airbrush the stretch marks from the Bush legacy and promote the Republican party in general. Medicare part D (for Derelict) will be heralded as a short term struggle but a long term success. The "success" of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare in general will not be entered as articles of evidence. The backlash created when husbands dump their wives and vice-versa will be glossed over if mentioned at all. The weakening of the nation by way of treating illegal immigrants with the equivalent of "time outs" and rants of "bad dog... bad dog" will be met with vehement sweet nothings.

Get to bed early. Read about it on Wednesday.


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