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Monday, October 31, 2005

Yikes, Here comes the state needle!

A bill recently passed in the senate (see related story - here ) will prohibit anyone suffering death or an adverse reaction from a vaccine administered as a "countermeasure" from taking their case to court. So if there ever comes a day when, say, the government convinces you that billions will die in a week because of an infected bird in Mali might fly to New York, your goose could be cooked. Hey, this bird flu thing is a good example. If drug company A makes billions selling a vaccine for a trumped up flu pandemic than it would be even cooler if nobody could get sued if thousands of kids die, seize or whatever, if the vaccination procedure backfired. And drug company team leaders make terrific campaign donors.

Watch your deltoids. Watch your glutes. The needles are coming! The needles are coming!

"I've seen the needle and the damage done. A little part of it in everyone." --Neil Young

Rosa topples Roy

Rosa Parks broke the law in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955 in a defiant bus-related protest and ultimately laid in state in the capitol rotunda. Judge Roy Moore acted similarly in Alabama by placing a large Ten Commandments monument in a government building. He will ultimately not lie in state but rather be remembered in American history books as a rebellious scallywag.

Rosa Parks helped bring attention to unjust segregation laws but her act is questionable as to whether or not it met the litmus test for "righteous indignation." Judge Moore's act likely met God's standard for righteous indignation. Rosa did loosen one form of discrimination but the trade-off was worse--strengthening of an ungodly, socialist order. Many African-Americans thrive in spite of the system but countless others emerge dependent on the nanny state. The system has consumed hordes of caucasions as well.

Rosa Parks is being canonized because she helped transfer power out of the hands of the African-American family into the hands of Big Brother. Judge Moore is a villain for trying to equip African-Americans with the truth.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Parade of little Presidents

Conservatives railed against Clinton for being preoccupied with his legacy, especially in his second term. President Bush seems preoccupied with the same. Claiming he doesn't govern according to polls he appears to be unfocused and consumed with doing whatever handlers and image consultants might suggest. The recent staged interview with American soldiers abroad is one strong piece of evidence. Gushing over Rosa Parks' historical act is another (see related article from October 31, 2005). The handling of near-Supreme Court Justice nominee Harriet Miers would have been comical if it weren't so sad.

President Bush is said to be Christian but the evidence certainly points out that he craves being a crowd favorite rather than a martyr for his "Saviour."

America will never have another strong president. The stranglehold of selfish financiers that greatly influence the outcomes of elections will only permit little people who are easily manipulated to ascend to prominence in national elections.

God can certainly undo this dysfunctional cycle but it seems He may let it self-destruct to teach His church a lesson. (see "Israel, Children of).