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Monday, September 26, 2005

Shake, Shake, Shake... Shake Your Baby

"Shake, shake, shake - shake, shake, shake
Shake your booty, shake your booty." --KC & The Sunshine Band

Were these lyrics the inspiration for the now famous Shaken Baby Syndrome? Definitely not. However...

Shaken Baby Syndrome is becoming increasingly popular and ironically parallels the rise in number of "mandatory" vaccinations infants and children must endure to keep the bloated, central government and Big Druga happy. Vaccines are known to cause histaminemia (high histamine levels), which can translate into subdural hemorrhage, retinal petechiae, bruising, subperiosteal hemorrhage, epiphyseal separations and bone fractures. Not coincidentally, Shaken Baby Syndrome is characterized by all of the same.

Moreover, histamine levels in the body are inversely proportional to Vitamin C levels. Simplistically, when the body's depleting Vitamin C it's simultaneoulsy increasing its histamine levels. Wounds, infections, trauma, surgery, cigarette smoke, hemolysis, maternal malnutrition, hyperemesis gravidarum (mucho vomiting by Mom while pregnant) and heavy metals (see: Zeppellin, Led) can all cause Vitamin C depletion in an infant.

What you have is a dangerous combination of precipitating factors that an infant must successfully navigate to avoid being a "Shaken Baby Victim."

It's imperative to rule out histaminemia and/or low plasma Vitamin C levels in a case involving an alleged "Shaken Baby" before slamming the jail doors shut on utterly flummoxed daycare workers, parents, babysitters, foster parents, etc.

If you're a baby sitter, you're better off refusing to sit for any healthy or sick child who received the pertussis vaccine (part of the DPT vaccine) or Hepatitis B vaccine, inclusively, within two weeks of your scheduled sitting. The risk verses reward dictates such.

Dr. Alan B. Clemetson makes an eloquent connection between "Shaken Baby Syndrome" and the Vitamin C connection in this article.


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is its own worst enemy. Imbued with radical left ideology, PETA-ers are committed to defending the rights of animals worldwide. While their motivation is sincere and their objectives consistent with reasoned thought at times, it's their militancy and hypocrisy that ultimately precludes them from improving the lot of critters as a whole.

One particular goal of PETA's is stopping Big Meat from its techniques in moving live animal to dead animal to restaurant entree. In order to strike a blow at Big Meat's wallet PETA-ers are encouraged not to buy or eat milk, eggs and of course meat.

Because PETA-ers are radically adherent to closemindedness with respect to their moral relativism they don't have any compelling basis by which to persuade Big Meat. Their own religiophilosophy not only prohibits them from achieving their objectives but fertilizes the planet with a worldview that man uses to justify his abuses. Much like the pornographer who instructs the "prude" to "change the channel" if they don't like what's out on TV, so "Big Meat" essentially tells PETA to "change the channel" if they don't like to see animals butchered.

PETA-ers tend to be fond of wealth transfer tax systems, a style of governance that drives quality down and costs up. Big Meat is undoubtedly butchering animals primarily with economics in mind, with cruelty concerns relegated to the afterthought in-box. If the world's religious climate were more Christian than it's likely the animal cruelty factor would diminish and Big Meat's ability to achieve an acceptable level of profit-bling would be easier. But here again PETA has never been lovey-dovey with Jesus.

There's the animosity angle. People are not only not persuaded to change when confronted by activists but apt to go out of their way to antagonize the activists, time-permitting. Because PETA is extremist in its mission and its numbers small with respect to the total population, they lack the muscle to stymie the current practices of Big Meat.

If PETA truly wishes to improve the lot of animals it would disband and its members join the institution that is commanded to care for the bird that falls from its nest--the church of Jesus Christ.

Few people would agree with the methods of Big Meat but that doesn't mean we're obligated to eat bamboo and fried rice in silent protest. If Joseph could work under Pharoah and Daniel under Nebuchadnezzar without riling God then so too can we have a medium-well Delmonico and a scrambled omega-3 egg without incurring guilt.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sweet Nothings

Alltel sent me a card recently with a statement on the envelope, "just a thank you note..." Having purchased a cell phone from them recently I expected a form letter/ thank-you note, which isn't really a thank-you note of course. They got me. It was two notches lower than that. It was a questionnaire mostly, with a little obligatory thank-you at the bottom.

Congratulations to Alltel for tricking a suspecting customer. This is the same company that makes a distinction between national freedom and total freedom, with total freedom being "really, really, really national freedom." But that's another 50 cents a minute story.

Time Flies

I hear my 100-year-old Great Aunt will be traveling with my Aunt and Uncle up to North Florida later this month to visit my Grandmother's grave. My grandmother died at the age of 93 about 2-1/2 years ago. I imagine when my Great Aunt gets there one of her thoughts will be their life together as sisters went by too fast.

That's the way it should be. God doesn't permit complete satisfaction in this life as the best things He has prepared awaits in heaven for those who place their faith in His Son Jesus Christ in this life.

Bag Servers Lack Incentive

In the 1970s Saturdays rocked for the bag boy at the local supermarket. The best ones could leave home with $20 or more. Adjusted for inflation, if bag boys, er... bag servers (chauvinistically sanitized) today could accept tips they could fund Social Security for a month. But, signs say they deliver groceries to your trunk for free and that they're not permitted to accept tips. It's part of the service. What this means is something, I'm just not sure what though. What it doesn't mean is what it says.

Bag boys in the 70s moved quickly. They bagged quickly and burned some serious glucose. The bling at the end of the produce carrot stick was very motivational. With bag servers banned from accepting tips they've downshifted to FEMA speed.

Are tips banned because stores can get by highering less bag servers, because there's concern with the feelings of whomever would go home with the least dough, or is there some other reason?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Of the two Whos I'll take the Band

There's the Who--Roger, Pete, Keith and John, and there's the World Health Organization--the other Who. I like the former and not the latter. The bad Who is preparing us mentally for a massive killer avian flu pandemic. Personally, it sounds like drug companies want to sell some vaccines.

There's only one thing to do. Well, a few things. Pray, keep taking Udo's Oil Blend, ascorbyl palmitate and wait. And, oh yeah, play some old Who.

"We're the slaves of the phony leaders
Breathe the air we have blown you." - Excerpt, from The Punk and the Godfather

Here Comes Another Honker

Hurricane Rita is now a Cat 2 and likely a Cat 4 by Thursday. The latest gulf state poised to evacuate is Texas. Government bodies have had nearly a month since Katrina to get their post-hurricane plans honed and polished. Actually, they have over a hundred years' worth of history from which to learn. The effort will be plagued with problems because that's what bloated, central governments are best at. The people that que up for their services need to rethink their strategery. They have 4 days to develop Plan B.

Will the Real Mr. Roberts Please Stand Up?

Of all the articles I've read about Supreme Court justice nominee John Roberts, this article by Chuck Baldwin is the one I'd bet my matchsticks on to be most accurate. Once he has a few votes logged all the world will know who John Roberts is. Until then we'll live with his premediated soundbytes, meant to please suit-wearing people who are out to please lobbyists.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Yikes! Someone Wants to "Help" Us

Tonight the benevolent National Football League extends its hand of compassion to the people of New Orleans at the expense of one of its "employees"--the New Orleans Saints football franchise. The Saints will play tonight's "home game" at the "visitor's" home field. The decorations will change and 600 Saints fans will be crated and shipped in to unlevel the playing field.

When one person's will is thwarted to enable benefitting another the take-home message is said benefactor's goal is promoting itself and its perceived kingdom. Shame, shame on the NFL for thumping a franchise on its helmet with its mighty index finger, when what that franchise really need is a break of some sort. Yes, the one franchise that could use a little water, batteries and diapers is the one franchise that will get seven home games (see: Antonio, San) this season instead of eight.

To really enjoy pro football one must own a fantasy team. That way your allegiance can be shifted towards your team and not any specific NFL team.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Church People. Imagine that

Laurie Holloway is the deputy managing editor of The Tennessean. She was one of those "no-good, self-appointed do-gooders" that the government and media advised to stay home after Katrina turned the Northern Gulf Coast on its head. One of those people with the audacity to venture down unwelcomed to the land taken over by Hurrican Katrina to help out the newly designated devastated.

In her Editor's notes she chronicled her experience there. (For perspective's sake, note that the article is dated ten days ago--September 6). What is especially noteworthy here is her first-hand account of the massive benefit afforded by the churches. I don't think I've yet seen video or heard reporting on any relief coming from the churches. Relative to Katrina relief, Holloway's piece is the first decent glimpse codifying what God hath decreed--the church is the salt and light of the earth.

She wrote in her notes, "I’m telling you, without the churches, this disaster would be even worse, as hard as it is to believe that’s possible. Donate if you will to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army, but know that the bureaucracy behind the big organizations is simply staggering. Without the people setting up the “renegade” food, clothing and supplies distribution centers, usually at churches, there would be many, many more deaths. Supplies are pouring into this area from all across the nation, huge truckloads of canned goods, water, medical stuff. They’re being collected at these churches, and they’re very organized about getting the supplies out to folks. I’m very impressed."

If your poor and live in a disaster-prone area get to know Christians. Statist governments are adept of promising filet mignon and delivering sawdust. The church is filled with bumbling, stumbling, untrained people known for, among other good things, putting on excellent covered dishes. When a short-term famine is roaring at you with 145mph winds and 20 foot storm surges, if you're a loner it would be a good time to repent and join a Christian church.

Location, Location, Location... and Subsidy

Several years ago Dubious Home Builders, Inc. began construction on upscale wood frame homes at the bottom of Niagra Falls. The homes, starting at $1.5 million, are costly by most standards, owing much of the expense to the gold-plated furnishings, marble countertops and appreciable numbers of tubes of silicon caulk used to seal cracks. To date, none have sold. Real Estate experts believe the difficulty in getting in and out of the homes when Class V rapids are pummeling them may be what's discouraging prospective home buyers. Offers of a free bicycle with every new home purchase has done nothing to spark interest. Thus far, all 80,000 homes have had to be rebuilt on average every ten days due to extensive water damage. Local businesses, also at the base of the falls, have complained of insufficient pedestrian traffic to justify remaining open.

"No one ever shops here," said Ray Nagin, owner of a surf shop in the exclusive neighborhood. "We need federal subsidies to make this work, and we need the money now."

When asked about the wisdom in rebuiling a community in an area fraught with risk, Governor Blanco remarked, "Niagra Falls has a rich, long history in America. We must rebuild, and we need all Americans doing their fair share. To suggest Niagra Fallians assume fiscal responsibility for its community is ignorant, unconstiutional and based in intolerance."

President Bush, speaking from a raft in front of one of the homes, said today, "As we clear away the debris from water-logged homes, let us also clear away the legacy of inequality. It's important that government quickly fix the region's infrastructure to give Fallians hope. There is no way to imagine America without a rebuilt Niagra Falls, and this great city will rise again."

According to my calculations, we're looking at needing $5 billion every other day to rebuild the great floating city under Niagra. But this is America. We always rebuild. If we don't have the money we'll just print more. Print. Print. Print. We love to print.

"In order to save America, we must bankrupt it first." - Me

Go on Take the Money and Run, oo, oo, oo...

Steve Miller Band lyrics? Yes. $2000 Hurricane Katrina FEMA debit cards misused? Yes. What were we expecting? For the recipients to tithe 10%, invest 10% in short-term T-bills and budget the rest to meet future expenses?

As reported in this article our tax dollars converted to these debit cards to help people get back on their feet is being used for short-term happiness therapy. Strip clubs have been recipients of FEMA dollars--not to be confused with monopoly dollars--monetary units rapidly closing the gap on the American dollar in value. Two women apparently purchased $800 handbags. Other high-end merchants have collected a few FEMA dollars.

Yet FEMA is king. They have the brains. We wear the shackles. To thwart this abuse FEMA is now performing direct deposits in bank accounts. I guess they believe if the money is withdrawn from an ATM first then it won't be used to take the under on Saints games this season.

Green Beans Take a Hit Too

In the spirit of exercising proper flag flying ettiquette, you may want to consider sipping your next cup of jo at half mast. Which of course means you keep your elbow below chest level when imbibing.

I found out two days ago that there was a warehouse in New Orleans with one million 60-70kg bags of specialty green (pre-roasted) coffee beans inside when Katrina struck. That's over 100,000,000 pounds. Two feet of water made its way into the warehouse and it ain't specialty coffee no more. If the water didn't get it surely the humidity or heat did.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

A popular American expression is "I can only imagine how I would have..." Having digested hours and hours of Hurricane Katrina coverage, and having fasted for up to a day before, having been hot and thirsty before, having smelled the smells of a dirty Guatemalan restroom before, in no way can I begin to say "I can only imagine how I would have (fill in the blank)," with respect to explaining what this tragedy was like. The only people who can relate to the past 12 days in the hurricane-ravaged area are the Ground Zeroites themselves.

That mess was and is unfathomable. In addition to all the physical pain, death and suffering was the emotional anguish of the survivors who had healthy loved ones slip, slide away in torrential floods on day one and two, or who lost track of loved ones at some point. Love ones that are still missing... or worse.

Having said that, these observations come to mind:

Property is replaceable and lives are a one-crack-at-it opportunity. It was instructive to watch our socialistic-style governing system fail miserably in its aftermath work on many levels. You had the Louisiana Homeland Security people thwarting the supplies-loaded Red Cross from descending into the heart of the disaster area for whatever reason. You had the unqualified head of FEMA—the now fired Michael Brown—going on TV with his well-pressed shirts essentially singing “don’t worry, be happy.” Volunteer medical personnel were stifled from volunteering early on because of bureaucratic red tape. Out of state medical personnel were ordered to sit tight while regulatory issues were sorted out. Local school buses experienced equal opportunity flooding instead of being used to evacuate refugees-to-be. Violators of the mandatory evacuation orders received preferential rescue efforts at their rooftops while law-abiding evacuees in the Super Dome waited impatiently for water, food and portable toilets.

It was sad to see so many New Orleaners, many of whom are now Houstorleaners, begging for help from the feds. This is essentially a quasi- instructional video inviting a like bungling to happen again in a neighborhood near you. Even though the bulk of the blame deserves to be foisted on the lawbreakers, Nagin, Blanco, et.al., the federal government has kinda admitted it was slow to respond. It will investigate itself, expand itself, and continue to provide failing service upon future disasters. Federal government has botched public education, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and more. The evidence indicates it will botch future disaster relief efforts. Federal government exists in its present form because the grassroots perpetuate it.

With disaster help centralized in federal government and large third parties (ala Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.) the lines of distribution are too few and many go hungry, thirsty and worse waiting for assistance. Red Cross and Salvation Army do great work but it's the paucity of the smaller players that we as a nation really miss, and need.

Did the churches respond swiftly and efficiently to the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? We don't know. With respect to relief efforts, of the 90,000 square miles of damaged property only about 300 of them garned television coverage. Any Good Samaritan work, or lack thereof, in the other 89,700 square miles wasn't privy to any media coverage. I suspect the private sector did a wealth of good on the periphery yet their efforts will not likely get mentioned much--the pictures from the fringe areas wouldn't bring in the TV ratings like the ones from Ground Zero do.

People from all walks of life have been helping the afflicted and giving of themselves by way of their bank accounts and their time. One of the larger lessons has not been learned though. What’s been missing is repentance in the nation as a whole. Instead of “God forgive us for our sins and save us,” it's been "we will rebuild, "we will rescue you, "we will provide resources,” etc. The rhetoric has been mostly very Satanic in character in that it's been anti-Christian at its core. Good-hearted yet still anti-Christian.

If New Orleans ever rises from the toxic ashes it's reasonable to believe school prayer in the name of Jesus will still be outlawed, decadent behavior will be protected by "First Amendment" rights, abortions will take place, and man will thank himself for all his hard work in restoring the great city of New Orleans.

Who are you really, Andre?

Tennis sensation Andre Agassi is in the midst of a love fest with the people of New York as the ageless wonder (see: "years-old, thirty-five) seeks another Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open. The papers are tripping over themselves following Andre's unlikely foray deep into the men's bracket. Andre is very polite. He's battling in the semi-finals today.

My best memory of Andre is when I saw him play in a local tournament here in Tampa back when he sported hair. I believe I sat on row 2 or 3 in a crowd of about 1,000 that day. I'd say this was about 15 years ago. He lost in round #1 to a no-name and was extraordinarily foul-mouthed in the process. His expletives expressed to one fan were especially vulgur. I always think of that day when I see Andre on TV. I wonder if today he hides his bad behavior better or if he's genuinely nicer. I don't expect to ever find out.

We're sometimes remembered for our worst offense on our worse day. Like is tough and we're tough on each other.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Little Buddy

Bob Denver passed away this past Friday. Better known as Gilligan of Gilligan's Island, Bob never mounted a serious threat in his show business career with any of his other endeavors. In fact, I can't think of one other thing he did or tried. Such is the curse, or success, that comes with show business.

Our own careers aren't much different. What will be remembered for? How will we be measured? Who'll remember us in ten or twenty years?

Apart from salvific issues, I hope Bob died content with his work. Fans of Gilligan's Island always had a smile when he saved the day without really knowing what he did. As entertainment today devolves into the promotion of morally objectionable material, in the context of the history of entertainment the memory of Gilligan's Island will always be warmly remembered by the Baby Boomers.

Was Chief Justice William Rhenquist a fan of Gilligan's Island?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gravitating to Low Standards

A fellow was sporting a tee-shirt the other day that read something like, "This is not a wasted life. I show you what it's like to be a bad example."

What we advertise is what we are. It's doubtful this tee-shirt was just worn once. It strikes one as something that was in his rotation on a frequent basis, otherwise it would have been in his rag collection. Then again, I doubt he saved rags. That would imply he cleaned things.