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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Echinacea Rejects Life Support - Vows to Fight

The flood of media reports recently about the "prestigious" New England Journal of Medicine study (funded by bloated central government), concluding that the popular herbal product Echinacea is ineffective in both the treatment and prevention of colds, were so decidedly unequivocal in tone and conclusion that I knew immediately the truth was Big Druga actually fears its efficacy. Why? Well, if Echinacea is efficacious then Big Money leaves Big Druga and goes to Big Health Fooda. Historically I've rarely caught colds and hence haven't had to try Echinacea too often. Therefore, I write this observationally.

On Bill Sardi's "Knowledge of Health website" he has posted a counterpoint piece that you undecideds may wish to digest. Sardi indicates the doses used in the study were less than 1/3 than recommended by the American Herbal Products Association, and that mice feed Echinacea outlived mice fed normal mice food.

A $300 million market, which Echinacea enjoys, isn't one Big Druga is likely to overlook. As long as they run ads in JAMA and like-"prestigious" journals, studies designed with outcomes predetermined will continue to fill their pages. Western Medicine phagocytozes a little more religious cultic broth each day, paralyzing its ability to maintain credibility.

Pro-Echinaceans will likely not go away quietly. They'll seek out more info like what Sardi provides and make their own judgments. They'll tell others what they learned. I suspect after this initial thump by Big Druga Echinacea sales will increase in 2006.

Shaping Young Minds

There was a time when Hollywood would censor a movie if the word "gay" was used pejoratively. In the advent of wider acceptance of homosexuality as a moral lifestyle option in western civilization, Hollywood seeks to ingrain its "normalcy" in the young minds of today by its usual positive portrayal of homosexuals in movies. In the just-released Must Love Dogs (starring John Cusack and Diane Lane) there's a scene wherein two homosexual men ("partners") console and advise the heterosexual divorced and forlorn Sarah (Diane Lane) as she struggles in her search for her next mate.

In recent years you had Tom Hanks portray a homosexual in an audience-friendly way in Philadelphia (1993). There was Robin Williams' character Aramand in The Birdcage (1996). Rupert Everett portrays a friend-editor-counselor to Julia Roberts' character in My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)-- a movie that grossed $299 million worldwide. There are other examples.

Not content with getting homosexuals more and larger roles in its movies the past fifteen years or so, Hollywood continues to imbue superior character traits into its homosexual characters to further justify this escapist lifestyle.

This is not to suggest homosexuals can't be friendly, intelligent, gifted in vocations, etc., for such is possible and evident. What's at issue here is the one-sidedness approach taken by Hollywood and its intentional abstention from releasing movies wherein the homosexual is seen tearing at the very fabric of society. And that is what we expect from Hollywood given the state of American culture dating back to the days when the Baby Boomers were trialing the LSD and tie-dyed tee-shirt markets.

The youth of today are influenced more by the wide screen than they are history books. Hollywood could trot out a string of movies casting men-boy relationships in a positive light and have the ACLU defend such relationships on CNN and FOXnews before Chelsea Clinton is legally able to run for President of the United States. Culture changes that fast.

Full disclosure - I saw the Julia Roberts movie and the current dog liking movie. I passed on The Birdcage and Philadelphia having foreknowledge of the contents.

Bring Back Leftovers!

My wife and I were slow to buy our first microwave oven. Years passed post-release before that happened. At first it was used to bring water to a hot temperature then later expanded to pop popcorn and reheat leftovers. Explaining why cream corn tasted different heated by a microwave versus warming on a stove was perplexing. After a while it was determined everything tasted different after passage through a microwave.

It appears microwave ovens are indeed potentially producers of bad things. I've not delved much into the issues broached on the site linked here, but for the sake of enjoying food's original flavor I've ramped up the use of our conventional oven for reheating leftovers. It's been a pleasant romp to the past. Leftovers again taste like they did when originally cooked.

Preheat to 375F and warm for typically 8-12 minutes depending on the amount of food inserted behind oven door. And don't burn yourself.

Monday, July 25, 2005

John J. Roberts, Jr.'s Outlook on Tissues

Next time your local politician rants, "I'll protect a woman's 'right to choose,'" what he or she really means is, "I have to be pro-abortion, my campaign needs the money!" Huh? Well, there are a few drug companies that need human cells from aborted babies (euphemistically known as "human diploid cell culture" or perhaps "diploid fibroblasts") to grow their vaccines. And vaccines comprise about a $7 billion a year industry. And drug companies donate lots of federal reserve notes to Republicans and Democrats.

With this in mind, I have a hunch that in the coming days Bush's Supreme Court nominee John J. Roberts, Jr. will most certainly not hint that he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade if he's confirmed. He'll likely be ambiguous during this initiatio, er, phase.

As with regular politicians, presidents make too many smoke-filled, back room deals to ever cross Big Druga, even in their second term--their party minions in Congress need the bling. It would be a welcomed surprise if an uncompromising pro-lifer is ever confirmed to the "high" (see Chong, Cheech and) court. Would love to be wrong on this one.

Which vaccines and drug companies make this inauspicious list of mixing babies with antigens in small glass vials? Here's some, along with their vaccine: Poliovax by Aventis-Pasteur; MMR II (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) by Merck; BiaVax II (Mumps and Rubella) by Merck; ProQuad (Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chicken Pox) by Merck; Meruvax II (Rubella) by Merck; Imovax (Rabies) by Aventis-Pasteur; Havrix (Hepatitis A) by GlaxoSmithKline; Vaqta (Hepatitis A) by Merck; Varivax (Chicken Pox) by Merck; and Smallpox by Acambis.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mercury is Rising. CDC and FDA are Hiding.

It's rare to give credit to a Kennedy, but Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. deserves props for his article in Rolling Stone, assailing the CDC and FDA in their handling of vaccines and related data with respect to their safety. Parents of autistic children have been screaming for years that the mercury compound thimerosal [49.5% mercury) caused their child's condition. Generation Rescue has been highly successful treating autism in fact, using a multifactorial approach that includes chelation therapy. It's a parent-funded organization, which in part explains its success. Read some of the testimonials!

Kennedy's article takes us back to the secret meeting held at a Methodist retreat center called Simpsonwood. Big shots from the CDC, FDA and Big Druga were there to study findings pursuant to a 1997 Congressional mandate to review mercury in drugs and biologicals. Not only was the meeting secret but the notes were "embargoed" to prevent access by nosey people keen to the Freedom of Information Act. I suspect the motive of our leaders was to protect and serve the interests of children, seniors and those in the midst of the War on Povert... er, Terror.

Vaccines bring in over $7 billion a year for Big Druga and the figure is rising. When people like Senator Frist receive contributions from Big Druga exceeding $870,000 and then insert the "Eli Lilly Protection Act" (Eli Lilly developed thimerosal in the 1930s) into the homeland security bill you understand why your children were being jacked up with thimerosal "for their own good."

Autism is just one potential problem associated with vaccines. If you want the counter arguments to what the CDC and FDA are feeding physicians you might find the insights from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Which pediatric vaccines still contain thimerosal? Click here.

Here's how to legally avoid getting your children vaccinated.

The Unsplendidness of Splenda

The artificial sweetner Splenda is now the King Kong for sugaraphobics. Not that sugar is good, of course, in the amounts most Americans consume. Alternative sweetners Equal and Sweet N' Low have been passed and lapped by Splenda in sales.

Dr. Joseph Mercola points out in this article that Splenda (sucralose) was approved by the FDA after examining the results of two completed and published trials. Two trials with a total of 36 human subjects. Children conduct larger trials before eating peas, at much less cost no less! Mercola points out that the chlorocarbon Splenda's chemical structure bears more resemblance to DDT than sugar. As corroborated on this site Splenda is in the same family as chlorodane, lindane and DDT. Chlorodane kills termites. Lindane kills lice. (Note that when chlorine is added to sodium to form table salt it's classification is not a chlorocarbon. This debunks the myth that because chlorine is safe in table salt it's also safe in Splenda.

So, as stated here, if you ever have a shrunken thymus, enlarged liver or an increase in glycosylated hemoglobin, check to see if you're a Splenda imbiber.

Splenda can be found in these American products.

Backpacking Islamacists

In the wake of "7-7" (London bombings linked to non-catchy acronym), "7-21" (yet-to-be-used acronym for botched London bombings) and "7-23" (non-acronym of the bombing of the Egyptian resort in Sharm al-Sheikh), the handwringing media and politicians are busy trying to convince us we're fearful. Whereas in my travels I can't find anyone yet to mention 7-7 (cheesy acronym referencing backpacking Islamacists) or 7-21, I suspect the fear is confined to the 0.00000001% of the population directly impacted, the population garnering 99.999999% of news coverage.

Islamacists find their inspiration in Mohammad--a dead, former sword-yielding illiterate. Backpacking Islamacists need a heart and mind change, and not fear of a backpack searching dragnet in large cities better known for botching "social services." While the politicians battle boogey men that hide under their reelection beds it's incumbent upon the Christian church to evangelize those trapped in Islam to marginalize these 7-7-type inspirators, instigators and agitators.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Vitamin BCG - Killing Us Softly with it's Words

Vitamin BCG (Bloated, Central Government) has a voracious appetite not too unlike that of the aliens that chased the protein-rich Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds Redux. Not content with the control it already exerts over the Educational-Legal-Medical-Insurance cartel, now it's after our vitamins as per H.R. 3156, Dietary Supplement Access & Awareness Act.

If you're not too busy filling out forms, read the article from the link above then take 3 minutes and write your congressperson. After that, mail me thousands of dollars so I can go load up on some chlorella, Coenzyme Q-10, Ascorbyl palmitate, probiotics, B Complex, Glycemic factors, Calcium-Magnesium capsules, multivitamins, aloe vera juice, Udo's Oil Blend, mixed tocopherols and maybe one day some Pro Argi-9. I'll be glad you did.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Job Opportunity for Pet Psychics

Drudge has run two stories recently about males nailed for performing bestialic acts with dogs. In one case the dog died. Fortunately the vast majority of Americans are anti-bestiality. A side benefit to this supermajority is we've collectively saved millions of dollars not having to deconstruct postmodernist activists' wailings decrying the extreme fanaticism of bestialophobes.

It's expected bestiality will increase sans a Christian revival so I look for defense attorneys to see an opportunity ($) here. They'll have to prove in a court of "law" the man-animal relationship was consenusal and bring in pet psychics as expert witnesses to affirm said consenuality.

This will get muddy as pet psychics can cut deals with both the plaintiff and defense sides for the associated bling ($). Eventually the bloated state governments will require pet psychics to be licensed to weed out the "frauds."

What does this all mean to you and me? It means our tax dollars will be spent to help figure out if bestiality is wrong. Hate to be judgmental here.

National Hockey Association Made Easy

The Collective Bargaining Agreement recently signed by the hockey owners and players is said to be 600 pages. That speaks to the volume of potential loopholes the attorneys from both parties found during negotiations. It's great to have a bloated, centralized government that makes everyone's life simple.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Movie Reviews That Aren't

I can't recall anyone recommending a movie or even going to one based on the quickie review that's incorporated into the newspaper ads. "Two Thumbs Up." "Hit of the Summer." "Best Movie this Year." "Sensational." It's rare to see a neutral review and it's likely a poor review has never made it into these ads. I'm not willing to research it. Sorry. The blood baths bad movies might endure crop up elsewhere, not in newspaper ads.

People generally rate movies by way of their wallet. If you produced Son of the Mask you're probably thinking, why didn't I produce Star Wars:Episode III- Revenge of the Sith instead. If you check out Boxofficemojo you easily see the saber rattling movie has grossed $372 million (domestically) while Son of the Mask basks in 54th place with a cool $17 million (domestically) to-date.

The owners of these movies obviously pay "Yes Men" to write their ads or else they go unemployed. Therefore the movie review experts emasculate themselves for the sake of the dollar. The job they do best is con work. They're not too dissimilar from the National Cholesterol Education Board.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Body Modification - Unfulfillment Guaranteed

Now that tattooing is, unfortunately, widely accepted in American culture, extreme body modification is the next form of body "art" poised to turn America into a haven for National Geographic photographers. While multiple ear piercings and tongue piercings are commonplace, it's not often, yet, where you'll see people suspended in air by hooks in their backs ala a New Year's Eve pig, or common folk with branding marks (sans a few fraternity folk).

Fakir Musafar (pronounced Fahkeer Mooshuhfar) is credited as being one of the major players for advancing body mutilation, er, modification here in the homeland. To Musafar body mutilation is paying homeage and tribute to past cultures and their ritualistic experiences. For the subculture at-large it's a means of exacting pain to ultimatley gain pleasure. A sense of "psychic energy" is felt. And of course, there's a bonding with others who take pleasure in mutilation.

Tattoos, brandings, suspendings, piercings, etc., bring all the fulfillment that a drug addiction brings to an addict. It's unrewarding enough in the midst of its rewards to necessitate more of the same.

Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is a potent opiate painkiller. Most patients in severe pain find relief with 1-3mg intravenously every few hours. Occassionally you'll see a cancer patient who has built up a tolerance and requires 100-200mg a day, if not more, to somewhat alleviate the pain. Those people generally die in short order. The penultimate body modifier awaits a like fate if he/she pushes the profession to "honorable" limits.

Body "art" in all its forms is temporarily satisfying. Those who practice it would be better served to admit whatever it is that brings them discontent and deal with that rather than disfigure their bodies.

Age Discrimination Equals Profits

A shopping mall somewhere in this nation is instituting a new rule whereby teenagers 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult after 4pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Heard it on the radio.

This is categorically and undeniably blatant age discrimnation, a practice essentially identical to racial profiling. The net result of which will undoubtedly be decreased pilferage and increased profits.

The President should invite these mall owners to the Rose Garden and reward them for advancing the cause of freedom. How many Londoners wish its country practiced ethnic discrimination until suicide bombing dropped to the level of deaths by lightning strikes?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Should Florida Break Up?

As Hurricane Dennis bears down on the Florida panhandle it may be time for Floridians to consider dividing the state up. Living in Tampa, I paid close attention to their recent (2004) onslaughts by Charlie, Jeanne, Francis, Ivan and now watch the unfolding of Dennis with one eye on the Weather Channel. As I write the eye of Dennis is west of Naples and it's looking good for Tampa. Pensacola however...

Hurricanes that hit Florida tend to hit the panhandle, the keys, or the East Coast cities, exceptions duly noted for the record. My hurricane deductible is $3095. But I bet if Orlando and Tampa got together with some of the interior cities of Florida and seceded from the state, that my deductible would go down. Naturally, the deductible of people living in Miami and Pensacola and other coastal cities would rise considerably. The only concern would be a diversion of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan to the I-4 corridor.

In the end we would have a 51st state but everyone would benefit from the new market realities. Owners of property in prime hurricane target cities would tend to be wealthier people. Us poor folk in the interior of the state (yes, Tampa is "interior;" Pinellas County though is not), which is now a new state, would have lower deductibles. With such a move both Florida and Florida II (until renamed) would be less vulnerable in an economical and emotional sense. That great sucking sound created by FEMA dollars flowing into Tallhassee would diminish.

Whatever happens, Floridians everywhere thank the rest of the United States citizentry for sending lots of their money down here to help us rebuild over and over. I don't see the wisdom in the rest of you not kicking us out of the union, so as long as you don't, please keep sending the money.

The Great non-Atonement of Live8

Another observation about the recent Live8 concerts held to alleviate hunger in Africa. Concert-goers, relatively speaking, tend to break more laws than most other groups of people. And when people commit transgressions there's a tendency to overlook the transgression dejour of others. Tit for tat. What not negotiated though is the associated guilt accrued by both parties. And when you consider the cumulative lawbreaking at past concerts there is a wealth of pent-up guilt crying out for atonement. Hence the self-determined restitution of collecting money to feed the poor in Africa.

It's a halfhearted measure, that will bring relief for a few days. But what you're not likely to witness is concertgoers organizing and moving to Africa to train the locals in producing their own food and wealth. There are too many more concerts to go to.

Live8 was mostly a massive counterfeit atonement. There there will not be a decrease in the death rate in Africa after the money is spent. The poverty cycle will continue, and the expectation of the concertgoers to be free of their collective and individual guilt remains unmet.

If Diamonds Were Jade

Well, not really Jade. But, let's say the bloated central government comandeered the market prices for diamonds and jade, to "protect the rights of the American people." An oval green jade 14kt bracelet must now be priced in the $1000+ price range. A comparable diamond bracelet, of the same weight, cannot sell for more than $89.95.

It's quite elementary to see how this would play out. Brick-and-mortar jewelry stores would no longer sell diamonds. They would no longer sell jade. Both items would continue to trade heavily on the black market though. Their price tags would return to typical current and historic market values.

And such is the foolishness of allowing the Federal Reserve Board to control the money supply. By its extraction from market forces (i.e. the little people) and a gold standard it's worth is now highly manipulable. Therefore, much of our property is at the mercy of the whims of the bloated central government.

Another analogy. The wisdom of the system in place is tantamount to having the value of the dollar pegged to the value of green grass. Instead of trading grass though we will trade with American dollars. But you may not grow your own grass, nor use it for business transactions. Only government grown grass may be used to back the value of the American dollar. If you use your own grass to convert to dollars you're subject to arrest and banishment to Gitmo.

Government price-controlled diamonds and jade. American dollars and grass. There's not much difference. What the wise investor needs to determine is when enough people will wake up and see that the American dollar is only valuable until Toto exposes the impotent wizard cowering behind the curtain with his cool sound system.

But don't take my word for it. Ask any high school student about this. I'm sure this monetary axiom is taught in federally-controlled high schools.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Connecting to 1837

I was made privy to a handwritten letter from 1923 today written by a nondescript German woman. It was standard family update stuff not too dissimilar from what we received in Christmas cards in the 80s, 90s and now the 00s. In it she spoke of her 86-year-old father suffering from a hernia. Running the numbers that made him a baby back in 1837. He somehow made it to the ripe old age of 86 (and counting) without the benefit of income tax, Medicare, Social Security, public education, gun control laws, steering wheel club, Homeland Security and the FDA.

The woman wrote about the Germany economy being in the tank, (In 1914, it took 4 marks to purchase an American dollar. In November 1923, it took 4,200,000,000 marks for a dollar) and that the "white collar" workers and "laborers" may die by the millions. It was the farmers that had it made she intimated. She had a son supplying her with food to keep her going. Don't know if the food was genetically modified or not.

Note: The currency conversion reference may be found at
this link.

Tired of burning bone?

One of my favorite health sites is mercola.com. While he's not short of some whacky prediliction to evolutionary thought and Eastern mysticism (find a health food store that's not) he has great material on an array of health-related topics.

In his e-letter today he linked to an article on the evils of excessive sugar intake by Dr. Ron Rosedale. It's short and sweet (hey, that's a pun). In it he references the hormone leptin which is gaining more prominence today in conversations about diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, etc.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Litmus Test Not for Justice's Urine pH

The only time you hear the phrase "litmus test" anymore is in junior high school or when a justice is up for nomination in a high court. And I do mean "high," as in Cheech and Chong-type high.

President Bush said he will not have a litmus test for whomever he chooses to be the replacement on the high court for the retiring Sandra Day O'Connor, not to be confused with Sinead O'Connor.

I wish Bush would have a litmus test. Wouldn't it be nice to have a justice who believed in the Constitution? (Can you say apportionment?)

Live8 Musicians Plead for Debt Relief

The recent G8, I mean, Live8 concerts to raise relief aid for the starving children in Africa was more of a powerplay against George Bush, the preeminent pursestrings holder. The Geldofians (Bob) wish list included debt relief for poor nations. Notwithstanding the $12,000 gift bags all these musicians received for participating, one wonders how often musicians extend debt relief privileges to their managers upon being swindled.

Monday, July 04, 2005

What Would the Fake Mohawks Think Now?

The degree of taxation faced by Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and the other patriots, who disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians in order to escape recognition while tea-ifying the Boston Harbor, was miniscule in comparison to today's American standards.

Take a trip on this Fourth of July holiday and revisit a brief history of the Boston Tea Party.

Taxation without representation. Intolerable. Yes. Would that we could send representatives to Washington that didn't have to raise millions of dollars to campaign, subject their family to smear campaigns, and turn away lobbyists while their cohorts take bribes.


Even Fish is Almost Artificial Now

Some fish you see behind glass counters now is farm raised. Why? Cheaper. More profits. In the case of salmon, it robs us of one of the few sources of the tremendously healthy sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. The farm raised salmon looks anemic compared to wild salmon. The pinkish hue it does retain is partly due to artificial coloring.

You pay almost double for wild salmon but it's worth it. What's next? Sand box grown walnuts (another great Omega-3 source)?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Central Government's Visual Drivel

Much like shady businesses keep two sets of books--one for public consmption and the other for the "inner circle"--so it's probable that our government leaders generally behave in the same fashion. For example, fix your eyes on these moving magenta patches, without reading the accompanying text to the left of the image. Let this represent the daily Washington and media drivel (i.e. Social Security will be fixed, Medicare will remain solvent, our children are getting a good education, our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq has nothing to do with oil, we're freedom-loving people, etc.).

Now go back to the image and hold your gaze on the black cross in the center of the circling magenta patches. What do you see? .....

Let that new image represent what our leaders share amongst themselves. You'll never be made privy to the message of the green patch so you have to do your best to figure it out. Those are the accounting books that really matter.

Geographic Evidence Indicts Liberalism

Note this graph depiciting U.S. trade from 1960 to the present. Now refresh your memory on the Northern and Eastern geographical borders of Massachusetts. Note the uncanny resemblance.

Massachusetts is of course is a charter member of the U.S. Liberal Hall of Shame. High taxes, anti-gun, the list goes on. It's Massachusettism that nurtures trade deficits and other economic blights. When a state's own geographical borders portend trade deficits it's time for the other 49 states to secede from the Union.

Well, maybe just 45 of us should secede. We'll leave New York, California, Hawaii and Illinois with Massachusetts and invite them back once they learn to play nicely.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Eminent NoBrain

Five eminent Supreme Court liberals, by virtue of the high court's recent decision (see Kelo v. City of New London), have granted license to local governments to seize private property if it's for the "public good." Karl Marx is likely drying his tears with worthless rubles in his government-approved casket somewhere. A proud moment indeed. The rest of us are singing the Fifth Amendment Blues.

So as the Fourth of July holiday approaches and Americans prepare to celebrate our extrication and freedom from British statist overlords and their ill-gotten, society-subverting schemes, be cognizant of the American statist overlords and their ill-gotten, society-subverting schemes, as they swarm about your private property and paycheck.

Lions, Tigers and Stevia... Oh My!

Let lions equal sugar, tigers equal aspartame, and bears equal Splenda (sucralose). Bad, bad, bad. Health food gurus favor Stevia if you're going to plunge into the land of sweeteners. Personally, I've tried it in my cappuccinos and it's average per my taste buds. I've always loved sugar, and who hasn't, but I'm in the midst of a self-imposed sugar ban until further notice. So Stevia it is.

Here's an interesting link to a website linking the approval of evil aspartame to W's Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield.

Duncan trumps O'Connor and Holloway

On a Friday afternoon when the weekly news cycle prepared to avert the likely downshift for the weekend with the big breaking news that three "men" had been charged with the murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor tendered her resignation to the high (see "marijuana") court, another celebrity entered the news fray early Saturday.

J.E. Duncan, III, a pedophilic recidivist, has been arrested for kidnapping. He'll likely add murder to his list of personal achievements before too long.

FOXNews and CNN are granting generous airtime in its coverage of the thug of the moment, at a time when we could have learned what O'Connor meant when she said, "The woman's right to terminate her pregnancy before viability is the most central principle... (said at a 1990 speech at Washington University).

In this context "viable" is a convenient word as it has broad meaning. "Terminate" is rather sanitized too in its context.

Cable news may not get to dissecting O'Connor's words because of Mr. Duncan's ill-timed intrusion. Holloway's case may not get airplay until Greta's show returns on FOXNews Monday night.

Oh, and by the way, we're at war still too.

A quick observation here. Wouldn't it be healthier for children to execute pedophiles who murder and kidnap as opposed to rehabilitating them? The rehabilitation process is proven to be deadly to children.

Friday, July 01, 2005

User-unfriendly Government

If the CEOs and their inner circles at Enron, WorldCom, Dynergy, TYCO, Adelphia, Qwest, ImClone, Arthur Anderson and a host of other businesses, had agreed to ajudicate themselves, with a promise to investigate and punish any and all illegalities, guess what? Probably one hundred percent of them would have called press conferences on a sundry Friday afternoon and announced that the witch hunts came up empty. "We must now get back to work and serve our team members and loyal customers, without whom..." Then Ken Lay, Dennis Kozlowski and the other swindlers would still be out predatorizing money that could otherwise be put to good use.

Any chance that the bloated federal government would have less problems, and personal wealth, if they got out of "service" industries (e.g. public education) and the welfare dollar procurement business to avoid conflicts of interest?