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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Reliability of Man's Words

Many claim the Bible is unreliable because it was written by man. These doubters learned this from reading some reliable book somewhere... written by man.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tattoo Fever

Tattoos haven't been taboo for years now. At least according to the average American. Between sunrise and sundown you're bound to see plenty of them whether you're at the office, vegging in front of cable television, passing by a billboard or elsewhere. First cousin to tattooing would be body piercing. It too is increasing in popularity.

People tend to like to change their surroundings. Thrice-worn outfits are replaced by new duds. Wall furnishings and coats of paint are periodically updated. What's fashionable today will be Smithsonian Institute material within two or three decades. But tattoos are permanent. Unless of course they're removed, in which case they would be retroactively considered nonpermanent. So it's all perspective.

Body art has not only gone mainstream but it's spreading all over the body. Some people sport more colored ink than they do flesh. It's certain future generations will make their own statement as did their parents' generation. I suspect we'll be seeing animal bones hanging from various body parts before too long. Body piercing with needles may give way to body piercing with railroad spikes. In cultures with a weak Christian commitment the shock threshold tends to rise. What's next? Ask your 13-year-old friends. They or their friends are about five years from anointing themselves as the most enlightened people to ever exist since the beginning of time.

A Bowl of Chili Seasoned with Finger, Please

What a coincidence! It seems authorities finally fingered the person who lost one of his digits, only to have it turn up later in a bowl of chili at a popular fast food restaurant. Anna Ayala, 39, claimed to have found a finger in her chili purchased at aforementioned anonymous fast food restaurant. Ironically, Ayala's husband, James Plasencia, has a coworker who lost a finger. It seems the finger in Ayala's chili was originally part of Plasencia's coworker's hand.

The coworker's other four fingers are said to be at home resting comfortably. There's no word yet on whether Ayala will reimburse Wendy's for lost revenue secondary to her outlandish claim.

Pedophiles Gone Wild

America's Most Wanted host, John Walsh, said on Larry King Live the other night that there are 100,000 unregistered pedophiles in the United States. These would have to be criminals released for "good behavior." There's even more than that released and registered.

If only 1% of the unregistered pedophiles commit another like-crime next year, that means 1000 more children will be added to the victims list in one year's time. To sum up, pedophile crime stories will be as prevalent in the news as political promises to improve our lives for the sake of our future, our children and our seniors. Apparently we're OK with that otherwise we would do something about it. GPS tracking won't work. Strict laws won't deter behavior.

As an aside, if "scientists" ever "prove" that pedophilia is genetically determined, how would that affect public debate? If kleptomania, pyromania and cannibalism were shown to have a genetic component does that mean society needs to have a hands-off policy when these people exercise their genetically-driven behavior? Do genetics automatically impart morality? Are "birth defects" inherently evil, righteous or neither?

Whenever "scientists" supposedly justify a behavior because of a genetic predisposition such conclusions are foolhardy. Beware when any behavior is ruled acceptable because the genes say so.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Myth of Neutrality

When it comes to stereotyping there's a wealth of options available to both the stereotyper and the sterotypee. Focusing on the political realm, there's libertarians, independents, social conservatives, pro-life democrats, humanists, right-wing extremists, green partyists, anarchists, communists, socialists and others. Those claiming to be "neutral" purport to have some degree of agreement and disagreement with the other parties.

To declare allegiance to any party with an assertion that your position is superior by definition requires a belief in the existence of truth and a strong sense of what truth is. This enables the ability to define your position. To claim to be politically enlightened yet relativistic when it comes to matters of truth strips oneself of having any legitimate position of superiority, politically speaking.

If there "truly" are no absolute standards of truth then it should matter little with regards to what you believe, what you do and who you are. Any goals in life are entirely self-imposed. The coersion and manipulation of some by others for self-contrived and self-serving purposes beomes rampant.

To the extent others may reap short-term benefits under an unjust political system would count merely as a consolation prize with a limited shelf life. A sense of futility in matters of politics is inevitable when someone rejects absolute truth.

Any credible political entity must be Christian at its core to breed a just and Godly society. This is not to say the Christian faith should be foisted upon an unwilling person or people for that itself would be anti-Christian in nature. Christian law benefits unbelievers as well as believers without any accompanying threat, which would not be the case with false religions.

When Cessnas Buzz Washington, D.C.

Yesterday America endured a 9-11-type fire drill in our nation's capital when a small Cessna airplane entered the DC "no-fly zone." It ended up to be fifteen minutes of harmlessness but it reminds us of one of the many drawbacks with an oppressive, tentacle-happy federal government.
With so much national power entrenched in a small geographical area it becomes a target hotter than we need. If the states had greater power than the targets would be less enticing and multiply by fifty in number.
Think of it in terms of money. Money seems to get a lot of attention here in the homeland. If you had a zillion dollars would you keep it one place or spread it out? A few billion under the mattress; another few billion in CDs; a few thousand shares of Microsoft; gold stocks in Switzerland, etc. One's vulnerability is markedly diminished when their wealth is decentralized. The same holds true for the power of the sword.
If DC is ever "renovated" as Baghdad West then our antagonist will have certainly added insult to injury.

A New Kind of "Rage?"

Many appropriate adjectives have been used in describing Jerry Hobbs, the man who repeatedly stabbed his eight-year-old daughter and her nine-year-old friend to death this past Mother's Day. The details were gruesome.

In a society that likes to explain away a lot of bad behavior as "fill-in-the-blank rage," it's been nice NOT to hear any media "experts" claim he was afflicted with "Daughter Rage." It's bad enough that road rage, airplane rage, biker rage, surfer rage and little league rage have gained acceptance in the national lexicon. I can see Hobbs giving the insanity plea a go but his attorney will stuff any notion that his behavior was caused by "Daughter Rage." We haven't slipped that far. Personally, I'm still getting over the evolution of "road rage."

Hobbs deserves the death penalty and preferably it will be metted out without delay. However, look for Hobbs to sit on death row for decades to come while we all contribute tax dollars to subsidize his housing and meal expenses.