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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Measles, Shmeasles.

With a handful of cases of measles this year (37; see related story here) being related to the bug being brought over from overseas the CDC is extolling the triumph of the vaccine. "It's the success of the vaccination program," said Dr. Gustavo Dayan, with the CDC. According to the report, almost 10% of kids weren't vaccinated against measles and they didn't die either. Hhhhmmmm?

If you review this chart you'll notice measles-precipitated deaths declined nicely over several decades before there ever was a vaccine. Maybe the vaccine has marginal benefit at best? Maybe the adverse reaction potential outweighs the benefits? I suspect the 2 million or so kids that didn't get the vaccine will look back one day and be glad they "missed out" on that one.


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