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Friday, December 09, 2005

Holiday Confusion

Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas? What greeting is a reveler to deliver?
America's continual "spiritual cleansing," with respect to commercial advertising during Christmastime, has sparked many a conversation during this eggnog-ladened, "holiday" season.

Christians should have seen this coming. Even in decades past when retailers spouted "Merry Christmas" in their advertisements, it was usually as much a business decision to use the "C-word" then as it is not to use it today. Ultimately this community purging of anything "Christmas" will reinvigorate the Christian experience of the Christmas season as we opt to spend less time in sanitized, de-Christmased malls and stores in favor of more time spent with our church families and close relatives.

Christmas isn't going away. Those who go out of their way to purge or deny its existence face an uphill struggle sprinkled with holiday defeat.


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