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Friday, December 02, 2005


Welcome to the Great American Empire (GAE), formerly known as the U.S.A. I said that to a friend of mine yesterday in preparation for bemoaning the loss of our past. Our country that is. I'm only 46 but that's long enough to have witnessed radical changes in America on multiple levels.

In 1983 I began reading the Bible for essentially the first time, sans some Sunday school readings back in the 60s. I was a closet reader though for about 3 years, not allowing most everyone I was reading "that book." By the summer of '86 though I was sufficiently transformed by the Spirit and even appeared on television a couple of times in the early 90s defending the Bible. Against a cultist once, and a pornographer another time. That was a tetonic shift for me indeed.

And it's time for another outing today. I see America as an empire and not as a constitutional republic. On a functional level we're supposedly a democracy, but in name only. While that may not come as a surprise to many of you it's cathartic for me to make it wider known.

Bad news can often send one into denial. An acquaintance once shared with me how he responded to the emergency room personnel informing him his wife just died in a car wreck. They were in their mid-30s at the time. It just didn't sink in with him at all at first. To continue on in life in a meaningful and functional capacity he would have to acknowledge his wife indeed did die, and move on. He did, after a proper period of mourning. If he lived in unbelief it would have been to his detriment and everyone in his midst. And so it is with us Americans. We can live with the belief "our" party (D- or R-) can lead us back into safety, fiscal sanity, and the hopes for a bright tomorrow, if given the opportunity, or we can acknowledge that both the Dems and the Repubs, at least at leadership and policy-setting level, are incapable of fulfilling their obligations.

This article, "Signs of Empire," is one in which I find much agreement. It does close ominously and perhaps pessimistically when it states the end is not far away. I'll not go that far yet. One could make a strong case that the end was near once Lincoln shredded the Constitution (see Vallandigham, Clement) , or when the Federal Reserve was created (1913), or when Roosevelt started Social Security, or when Roe v. Wade passed. There are other watershed events worthy of consideration.

The G.A.E. will certainly change in momentous ways at a pace in which the Boomers and geriatrics are unfamiliar. Having a reasonable grasp of what God is doing/allowing in the world will certainly help in decision-making when planning for the future. Availing oneself to the Lordship of Christ and His church is the number one thing. Getting over the warts and moles of Christians is the second. And again, make friends. Make lots of friends. Good friends.


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