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Monday, November 21, 2005

Say it ain't so. You too?

After the 60 Minutes interview with U2 it's official--Bono is out there spreading a false gospel. They showed a concert clip of him telling the audience that Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus Christ were all sons of Abraham. One World Religion stuff. That's an extraordinarily offensive "smart" bomb launched at Jesus and an unworthy promotion for the other two guys.

Bono has received lots of attention in recent years from world "leaders," owing to his influence with the age 18-34 demographic. He chided conservative Christians in congress for not helping AIDS victims in Africa. One would hope if he had a problem with Christians he would first, cease and desist from his anti-Christian bashing at his concerts, and secondly, approach Christians themselves instead of the state when asking for funds. The state is in whale-size debt and can only further violate private property rights if it sends funds to Africa. The cause is worthy but Bono's approach is a recipe for longterm harship on all.

I remember when Christian bookstores began stocking the album Joshua Tree by U2 way back when. If they still do it may be time to reread the store mission statement. I like alot of U2 music. I've always regretted refusing an invitation from a friend (Toby) to go see them for $3 back in the early 80s when they passed through my college town--Gainesville. I enjoyed their concert in Tampa many, many years ago. But I don't think I could enjoy today's Bono.


Anonymous mary anne said...

This was great, Scott. We have heard some great sermons since being here in Hawaii at Leslie's church. His focus has been on the incarnation, and he coined a word that I like a lot for it...its "infleshment...or maybe its enfleshment, but anyway he laughs and says the spell check always throws it out." Also cleared up that some wierdos try to make it sound like God intercoursed with a human and Jesus came about that way,...pointed out that would go against the morality of God. Says that a "body" was placed in Mary's womb by the Holy Spirit...that "body" is mentioned in Genesis and in Hebrews, and actually Mary had nothing to do with it, otherwise Jesus would carry her traits, genes, etc...this also nullifes the Catholic dogma that she is the mother of God, etc etc etc. I have his outline and notes and will show you sometime. He is a retired pastor and lives in FL!! His son is here and they are looking for a pastor for the church here, so he is here on a 2 year term until they find someone. I sent you some photos...you may or may not get them of the new baby out here...please print and show to ME if you possibly can. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas...Love to all,,,MA

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