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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hand Washing Equals Filth

One of the first things you notice in a third world country is filth. Somehow poverty becomes a license to pollute. One of my most memorable bathroom memories is in a rundown quick store 2 hours down a dirt road, out of Guatemala City. I'll spare you the particulars.

America's public restrooms, including ones in private business buildings, used to most always be clean. At some point the prevailing wisdom was the need to assure patrons that the employees wash their hands before returning to work. Signs were posted to that effect in bathrooms everywhere. This was about the same time when American public restrooms ceased to be kept clean.

As an aside, I bet employee handwashing was higher back when we weren't informed handwashing is mandatory.


Anonymous Greg Rummo said...

My favorite Third-world bathroom memory was at 13,700 feet in the Andes after a warm day of trekking. WE stumbled upon a bodega selling Coke, Pepsi and various juices. I guess the high altitude caused a momentary loss of sanity. I drank a bottle of jugo de naranja that had plenty of pulp on the bottom. Several hours later this worked its way into quite a spectacular colonic. The sun had set long ago. We were in our tents in the middle of a raging sleet storm. I had to go...you can picture "the rest of the story," as Paul HArvey would say.

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