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Saturday, November 19, 2005

From Slavery to Slavery

Despite claims to the opposite, slavery is never banished from a nation but merely transformed into a new form. Americans heralded the end of the War Between the States and believed slavery to be a relic of history. Since then we've had bestowed upon us Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, LBJ's Great Society, a prescription drug deal, and the goody cart is certainly reloading as we speak. In reality the chains and shackles of the 19th century have been replaced by the crippling piles of debt of the 21 st century.

America has handed over its wealth to the state in exchange for a false salvation. In doing so we've sacrificed private property rights in exchange for misery disguised as a Thanksgiving feast. There is a chicken in every pot but they all have bird flu.

As the state furthers its entrenchment into every vestige of American life many Americans might one day consider the chains of old to be preferable to the state's plan of salvation. At least then there was food on the table. Politicians believe themselves to be messianic figures and legislate accordingly. They speak that way. They know everything. The checks and balances established by the Founding Fathers (see: Order, Executive) are gone as our multi-headed gods hold in great contempt the little gods offering their sage widsom. Washington, D.C. has become a veritable free-for-all in the power and prestige struggle as politician after politician doles out prodigious quantities of pork cleverly packaged as the kingdom of heaven on earth.

God speaks of bondslaves yet enslavement to the Author of love also means fellowship amongst other adopted sons and daughters, who've been promised the immeasurable true treasures of heaven at the appointed time.

Slavery is not inherently evil as we're all taught. This by no means justifies what took place back when Sherman was razing Atlanta. That was not a proud moment in American history. However, while the state-run schools of today denounce slavery they further it daily as they systematically teach that Americans "voluntarily" submit to their "plan of salvation." Because the state's quest for providing salvation continues to fail miserably it enacts fix after fix endeavoring to succeed. But in God's world an anti-Christian government can't succeed. It can only subjugate man more and more until the system implodes. At that point other forms of slavery will crop up and history makes a radical turn, perhaps for the better or perhaps for the worst.

Enslavement to God is good because God made it that way. In our era man tends to distrust God and enacts counterfeit slavery systems instead, denying all the while that what they promise is another form of slavery. Freedom is only found in Christ, not in the state and its fault-plagued institutions.

"Everybody's got to serve somebody" - Bob Dylan


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