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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Come on Baby Light My.... Dollars

With so much spending and an even greater thirst to spend, one wonders how long the American dollar will hold its value. Debt used to be an embarrassment and now it's something to laugh about. Government debt, corporate debt, personal debt, bankruptcy--we're awash in debt. And if you save long enough and live to a ripe old age the health care system we've developed will suck your 401(k) and pension fund dry. And the bills will keep coming.

As we continue to try and tax our way into prosperity consider this investment--friends. Friendly neighbors don't devalue. Family doesn't devalue. We live in a country that throws money it doesn't have at all of its problems, including the make-believe ones. It de-dollars all of us in the process. Make friends. Make lots of friends. Give away stuff sometimes. It makes friends.


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