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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Avianic Public Relations for Profits and Control

We're all gonna die and it's going to be very soon. Kill your pets--birds, dogs, cats, tapeworms, normal intestinal flora--all must go! Where's Orson Wells when you need 'em?

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny wrote this piece about the manipulation of the public using bird flu as a catalyst. Dr. Tim O'Shea's piece on how PR firms manipulate people complements Tenpenny's analysis.

It's difficult to get people do distrust the FDA, the CDC and other like organizations. Somehow we believe they hold the value of health and life over the value of profits. Jesus said you cannot serve God and mammon. He also said man is born in sin and in need of redemption.

Republicans typically have no reservations in distrusting Democrats. Democrats generally see Republicans as evil as the Republicans seem them. So why then do so many Republicans and Democrats not question the motivation of the World Health Organization, the CDC and others, scurrying about preparing to fight the coming "pandemic."

Mankind is always wrong about pandemics. The either fail to predict them or project a narrow time frame for one without it coming to pass. Anyone can say, "we'll have a pandemic in the next century," but where's the "expert" who'll give us a seasonal prediction with even a small degree of accuracy?

Most people, to their credit, are ignoring the dire bird flu threats. Maybe we learned something with the SARS frenzy. Hopefully the small percentage of little people still concerned will look at the "profit grab" and "control the masses" angle. The pieces are certainly consistent with the history of the power hungry.

Go out and buy a parakeet. Throw open the windows. Have a nice day.


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