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Monday, September 19, 2005

Yikes! Someone Wants to "Help" Us

Tonight the benevolent National Football League extends its hand of compassion to the people of New Orleans at the expense of one of its "employees"--the New Orleans Saints football franchise. The Saints will play tonight's "home game" at the "visitor's" home field. The decorations will change and 600 Saints fans will be crated and shipped in to unlevel the playing field.

When one person's will is thwarted to enable benefitting another the take-home message is said benefactor's goal is promoting itself and its perceived kingdom. Shame, shame on the NFL for thumping a franchise on its helmet with its mighty index finger, when what that franchise really need is a break of some sort. Yes, the one franchise that could use a little water, batteries and diapers is the one franchise that will get seven home games (see: Antonio, San) this season instead of eight.

To really enjoy pro football one must own a fantasy team. That way your allegiance can be shifted towards your team and not any specific NFL team.


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