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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Who are you really, Andre?

Tennis sensation Andre Agassi is in the midst of a love fest with the people of New York as the ageless wonder (see: "years-old, thirty-five) seeks another Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open. The papers are tripping over themselves following Andre's unlikely foray deep into the men's bracket. Andre is very polite. He's battling in the semi-finals today.

My best memory of Andre is when I saw him play in a local tournament here in Tampa back when he sported hair. I believe I sat on row 2 or 3 in a crowd of about 1,000 that day. I'd say this was about 15 years ago. He lost in round #1 to a no-name and was extraordinarily foul-mouthed in the process. His expletives expressed to one fan were especially vulgur. I always think of that day when I see Andre on TV. I wonder if today he hides his bad behavior better or if he's genuinely nicer. I don't expect to ever find out.

We're sometimes remembered for our worst offense on our worse day. Like is tough and we're tough on each other.


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